Can You Picture Tom Holland as a Stand Up Comedian?

Can You Picture Tom Holland as a Stand Up Comedian?

Can You Picture Tom Holland as a Stand Up Comedian?

Right now trying to picture Tom Holland as a stand-up comedian is kind of difficult since going by the performance he’s put in as Peter Parker he feels like the kind of guy that would get on the mic and be a little too nervous to really get into his set before people started heckling him mercilessly. Hey, it happens to a lot of comedians, and only the truly confident manage to battle their way out of it. But it’s too dismissive to say that he can’t do it at all. The fact is that his father is a comedian and actor, so it’s fair to think that his old man could possibly give him a bit of help and some pointers when it comes to his timing and his ability to tell a joke. Apart from that however it does kind of sound as though he just wants to do something, but he’s not entirely certain just yet of what. There are a lot of people out there that want to try something new regardless of their age, but right now Holland is at a great point in his life where switching it up might actually be a good idea to see if he can accomplish what he wants or if it’s a desire but not necessarily a possibility due to one factor or another. It’s not so much that he can’t do it, it’s wondering if he knows what he’d be stepping into.

One might want to say ‘of course he does’ since it’s likely he’s seen what his dad goes through during a comedy routine. But the experience of watching something versus doing it is incredibly different as many people have come to realize at one point or another. At the age of 24 a lot of people are still wondering what else they can do and where their real potential might lie, so it’s very natural for Holland to feel that he wants to stretch his talents and see what’s possible. Right now he’s doing that with the movie Cherry, Chaos Walking, and the Uncharted projects that he’s taken on, so perhaps it’s best to see how he fares in these endeavors before trying to reach too far. Plus, one thing about comedy is that there’s a lot more to it than just being funny since many people can be funny, can tell a joke, and can make others laugh, but it takes someone that’s really dedicated to the craft to get something out of it. If he’s willing to go to that length with the comedic route then it feels as though he might have a fighting chance of making it work, but at the moment it might be wiser to pushing pushing forward with his acting career before sidestepping into a stand-up career.

There’s also the idea of actually needing to be funny, which, with no offense to Tom, hasn’t really been seen as his forte just yet since his time as Peter Parker has been the closest he’s come so far to being that humorous. A person can take that as they will but the long and short of it is that Holland hasn’t been much of a jokester so far in the MCU and it might be wise to see if he can work a few one-liners into his upcoming movies to gauge whether or not he can really land them with the kind of efficiency that’s needed to make it work. If he can get people to laugh while acting in a movie it’s fair to say that he might at least have a chance on stage. It could be that he’s a natural, it’s hard to say without having seen him act in this manner yet, but a lot of people would probably say that there’s no such thing as a natural comedian, or that it’s still something that has be worked with and refined since raw, natural talent on its own really doesn’t get a person that far all the time. However it happens, whether he’s naturally funny or if he needs a lot of work, it’s bound to happen that people will wonder what he’s doing when he does finally decide to perform a comedy routine. Seriously, a lot of people might be rightfully confused to see him take the stage at this time since they might start thinking that he’s there for some other purpose.

Whatever he plans on doing it sounds like he’s going to be a busy guy for a while, so maybe he can work on his jokes and routine during his downtime and possibly come up with something that might work. It’s not too difficult to think that it could happen, but at this moment trying to picture him as a stand-up comedian is a tad bit difficult.

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