Cake Boss Pays Tribute to Momma Valastro: A Heartfelt Episode

A Touching Tribute to Momma Valastro

Cake Boss Pays Tribute to Momma Valastro: A Heartfelt EpisodeOn June 22, 2017, Mary Valastro, the beloved matriarch of the Cake Boss family, passed away from ALS. The show’s first episode of the new season was devoted to honoring her memory, opening with a poignant scene of an empty and quiet bakery. Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss himself, shared tender video footage of the funeral, giving each family member a moment to express their feelings about spending the last moments of Momma Valastro’s life with her.

A Farewell Procession for Momma

In keeping with Italian tradition, the funeral procession would have passed by Momma’s house. However, the family decided to take the procession by the bakery, stopping to say a prayer and giving her the chance to say goodbye to the place she loved. This was also done for Buddy’s father, making it a fitting tribute for Momma Valastro as well. The family graciously shared footage of the wake held in her honor, with Buddy serving as master of ceremonies. They played footage of Momma in the bakery, showcasing her take-charge attitude and the fun they shared together while she was still with them.

Momma’s Legacy and the Importance of Family

Throughout the episode, the family reflected on the hard work Buddy’s father and Momma put into making the bakery a success. Buddy credits his mother’s guidance for making him the person he is today, calling her his hero. Each family member took a turn at the microphone, emphasizing the importance of family in their lives. The videos of Momma included treasured vacation times as well as everyday workdays at the bakery. Buddy revealed that Momma missed her husband every day after he passed away, and her sisters felt she was happier being with him now. Despite her battle with ALS, Momma remained a force of nature and a burst of energy, and her presence is deeply missed.

A Gift to the Cake Boss Audience

With this heartfelt episode, Buddy Valastro has given his Cake Boss audience an amazing gift. Rather than focusing solely on sadness, the family demonstrated that family experiences are life-affirming and that memories can help them carry on even when a loved one is no longer there. The Valastro family’s rich experiences are a testament to the importance of cherishing family and making life’s moments meaningful. Momma’s consistent gratitude for her family and her work in the bakery has left a lasting impact on generations to come. Her faith and strength during her 10-year struggle with ALS taught her family to walk through life with appreciation. Buddy promised his mother, before the viewing audience, that he would carry on the family legacy of the bakery and honor the vows he made concerning life.

A Sign from Heaven

After the wake, the family went to the shore. Momma’s granddaughter, Bella, saw the sun shining through an opening in the clouds on an otherwise cloudy day. She jumped out of the pool and waved to her grandparents, believing they were watching from heaven. The family is certain that Momma and her beloved husband are together in heaven and saw Bella’s greeting. This tender and sensitive episode may be seen as inappropriate by some, but it’s almost certain that Cake Boss fans understand and appreciate the heartfelt tribute to Momma Valastro.

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