Is Brie Larson Feeling the Pressure Because of Wonder Woman?

Is Brie Larson Feeling the Pressure Because of Wonder Woman?

Captain Marvel

So one of the first questions on a lot of people’s minds is of course going to be ‘who the heck is Ms. Marvel?”. They wouldn’t be wrong for asking. This is largely because despite the fact that she came out in 1968, long before many of us were born, she’s been an under-utilized superhero ever since. She’s had a number of chances to be represented in a way that people would remember on a grander scale and has even been instrumental in Civil War 2 in the Marvel Universe, but unlike Wonder Woman she has been hidden behind the scenes for a long time. With her upcoming movie about to hit in 2019 the question now is whether or not the actress that will be playing her, Brie Larson, is feeling any pressure about coming to big screen to suit up.

Most people would believe the automatic answer should be no, but keep in mind that Wonder Woman was one of the hottest movies of the summer and was lauded as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking as well.

It’s time for Marvel to bring out their big guns when it comes to female superheroes.

The MCU is actually well-stocked with female superheroes that can do some serious damage. To date all we’ve seen is the Black Widow, who it was proven could be taken out by the Winter Soldier, Gamorra, who is still formidable, and a few SHIELD agents that are awesome but nowhere near the caliber of their male counterparts. Ms. Marvel is one of the toughest women in the MCU since she can take on the type of villains that have been known to handle entire teams with ease. She’s not the absolutely most powerful figure in the MCU, but her power level is on par with several individuals that could easily be classified as alpha males. It’s time for her to take her place at the head of the line.

There’s really no comparison between Ms. Marvel and Wonder Woman, so there’s no need for pressure.

They have different power sets, different levels, and are from very, very different backgrounds. The only similarities they have is that they are both very strong, very quick, and are both highly intelligent. After that, they are two completely different characters in very different settings. There should be no pressure on Brie Larsen as far as any comparisons to Wonder Woman go. Now in terms of the box office the only pressure that anyone should be worrying about is whether Ms. Marvel will attract enough notice to be worth peoples’ time. Remember, Wonder Woman has been a known commodity for a long time. Ms. Marvel is far younger in terms of her exposure to the public and has not been as prominent until just recently.

The upside of this is that Brie Larson isn’t feeling any pressure at all. Like so many people she believes that it’s time for women to start making a bigger impact in superhero movies. Ms. Marvel could be just what Marvel needs to show that women can be every bit the powerhouses that men can.


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