Bonnie Hunt is the Voice You Hear in So Many Animated Films

Bonnie Hunt is by no means a newbie to Hollywood or to the voice acting scene since she’s been around since the 80s and has been a voice actor since the late 90s. Her talent has been the kind that’s either kind and very motherly or the kind that’s a little snarky, or both. Much like her live action roles she brings a lot of feeling to her voice acting and tends to be very noticeable since she stands out and is one of the more endearing characters. She’s very hard to miss when she has a voice role and is very pleasing to listen to since she’s the kind of personality that you’d like to sit and just talk with about anything really, no matter what it is. Throughout her career Bonnie has kind of been that character that watches over those she’s with and has been the mothering type even when she’s playing a very different role.

A Bug’s Life

This movie was unique in that as an animated film that had outtakes at the end of it, that seems to be one big claim to fame. As Rosie the black widow though Bonnie was pretty much a supporting character that was a part of the troupe but not one of the main actors. Despite that however she played a great role and was still vital to the movie when she was needed. She was also the one that kept Flick, big dung beetle, in line a lot of the time. As one of her first voice acting roles she did great in this as she’d already been acting for a while and the whole idea of lending her voice to this role made a great deal of sense and it made for a memorable character.


This was just the first time she would lend her voice for Cars but it was undoubtedly one of the biggest roles in the franchise that she was given. Sally was the kind of hometown person that had found a place she really liked and wanted to preserve and keep it as much as possible. She’s the big city girl that found a simple life in the small town and decided not to go back. Her affection for McQueen was long in coming but it was something that helped to build her up as a character in the story and give her a little more depth. As for her role in the second and third movies it wasn’t so much diminished as it was left to sit where it needed to be since Sally was already a part of McQueen’s present and wasn’t going anywhere. She remained a part of his life and support group as she was meant to be.


As the mother of Judy Hops she was definitely the type of mother that wanted to be supportive but found it difficult to get behind a daughter that was so different from the rest of the family that it was hard to know what she was thinking most of the time. Bonnie’s character was a far simpler bunny than Judy wanted to be and tried to support her but found it difficult because Judy reached for the stars when the rest of her family was busy making a living out of the dirt, so to speak. In fact having parents that are simply happy to see that you’re a meter maid instead of a cop is something you might cringe in any situation since it tends to mean that they don’t want you to reach for your dreams if they’re considered too dangerous. Still, Judy’s mom did try.

Toy Story 3

It really seems like voices came and went in this tale since so many great voice talents can be heard from the first one to the upcoming fourth installment of Toy Story. Bonnie became just one of the many since she lent her voice to the franchise for the part of Dolly, who Woody meets when he finds himself in another little kid’s room. Just the addition of her voice though is great since it adds another layer to the story and a great and well-known voice to the franchise.

Considering all that she’s done to this point her voice roles are still a significant portion of her career and have helped to make her the superstar she is today. When one is a popular live actor you wouldn’t always think that they’re going to just jump into voice acting but Bonnie has kind of done just that while maintaining her reputation on the big screen. To be quite honest she seems like the type of person that can do this without a hitch largely because of her personality and the fact that she’s a very well known and respected actress.

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