10 Things You Did Not Know About Boise Boys

10 Things You Did Not Know About Boise Boys

Boise Boys

The HGTV show Boise Boys follows friends Luke and Clint as they buy and flip houses in the town of Boise, Idaho. The two take very different approaches to renovating the properties that they purchase but they form a very successful partnership. Here are ten things about The Boise Boys that you may not know.

1. Their Business Is Called Timber And Love

They started their business back in 2015 and named it Timber and Love. They decided to start the business not long after they first became friends. From the very beginning they have described themselves as the odd couple when it comes to the way that they like do business. The inclusion of the word Love in the business name shows that the two men really do care about the houses that they are renovating, and that for them it is about much more than simply making a profit.

2. They Are Both Married With Children

Both men describe themselves as family men and are both married with children. Clint has three children, and Luke has six. Of Luke’s six children, four are children with special needs that he and his wife adopted. Both he and his wife volunteered in orphanages when they were younger and so adoption was always something that was on the ards for the family. As the children from both families get older, there is a good chance that we will start to see more of them as they start to help out with the projects that their dads are working on.

3. Clint Robertson Appeared On The Apprentice

As was reported in the Star Telegram, Boise Boys was not Clint’s first brush with reality TV. He was the runner-up on The Apprentice in 2010 and at the time many people felt that he should have been the winner. He received a lot of job offers after his time on the show but decided that he would rather concentrate on starting a business of his own. It was this decision that led him on the path that would eventually see him move to Boise.

4. Luke Caldwell Has Lived In Boise His Whole Life

Luke has always lived in Boise and this is one of the reasons why it is so important to him to carry out projects that benefit the town. He has a good knowledge of all the communities in the town and this serves him well when the duo are deciding which home they should buy. Clive Robertson was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and had only been living in Boise a short time before he met Luke and the two became friends.

5. Luke Does Not Use His Phone At Home

Luke has a busy life and so he really cherishes the time he spends at home with his family. He told People that when he is at home he likes to make sure that he has no distractions. He makes a point not to access any social media when he is at home so that he can be present in the moments that he gets to spend with his family.

6. They Are Not Afraid To Show Their Mistakes Onscreen

One of the things that makes the show so popular is that the partners are not afraid to admit when they have got things wrong. If they make mistakes they acknowledge this onscreen and also show how they put things right again. This means that the show does not much speculation about it being staged which is quite unique for a show that sees houses being flipped. They are also quite open about how much money these mistakes can cost.

7. They Do Speaking Engagements All Over The Country

There is a lot of demand from the general public to get an insight into the process that Luke and Clint go through when they are flipping a property. They are often invited to speak at shows all over the country, such as the Cottage & Lakefront Living Show in Novi. This lets them share the benefit of their experience with viewers of their show and also gives these viewers the chance to ask the two men any questions that they may have.

8. Their Aim With The Houses They Renovate Is To Make Them Into Family Homes

Family plays such an important part in the life of both men that it is at the forefront of everything that they do. When they are renovating homes they want to make them into places that have everything that a family will need to be able to call the property home. This is one of the reason they tend to opt for larger houses rather than apartments that would really only be suitable for single people.

9. Season Two Has A Prime Time Slot

Season One of The Boise Boys was such a success for HGTV that they have moved the second season to a new time slot during prime time. It is hoped that this will lead to an increase in the number of people that tune in to enjoy the show on a weekly basis. As well as the people that watch the show live, there are also a great number of others that record the show on their DVRs to watch at a later date, perhaps more than once.

10. People From Boise Feel Some Pride In The Show

As Michael Deeds points out in the Idaho Statesmen, people from Idaho do not begrudge the success that Caldwell and Robertson have achieved with the show. Instead it gives them a feeling of pride to see the sights that are so familiar to them on national TV. They also like to see how the houses that have been renovated make a real difference to the look and feel of the neighborhood that they are in. People from the town also recognize that Luke and Clint are not the only people that are flipping properties in the town, but that they are better at it than most of the others.

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