Blade Runner Movies Are Getting A Prequel Comic

Blade Runner Movies Are Getting A Prequel Comic

As if we needed another reason to love Blade Runner, a comic is coming out that will be showing the beginning of the Blade Runners and the onset of the Replicant problem, which is something we’ve heard plenty about and could have read about, but will now have a visual for since the artwork that will be depicting this development is bound to be just as bold and possibly as dark and descriptive as the visuals we’ve been given thus far. The chance to see how the Replicants really started to get out of control and how the Blade Runner program was formed is bound to be of great interest to many people that have been following this story for years, and it could even shed some light on the characters that we’ve already been aware of and have followed for so long. The tale of LAPD Detective Cal Moreaux already sounds like one that will be a bit slower at the beginning but will build up into something that could possibly take on a life of its own if things go well enough. Who knows, we could possibly be looking at another movie or at least animated series that might come along at some point and give us even more reason to enjoy the Blade Runner saga. How far this will go is hard to say, but given that it will be occurring several years before the first movie it does feel accurate enough to say that things will take a very big turn in a short amount of time since the Replicants will be seeking to integrate themselves into society and simply disappear.

One thing that’s pretty obvious at this point is that the Blade Runner story is one that people are more than willing to keep exploring since there are so many different tales to think about within the world that this story occupies, and it would be great to see those that mean the most and can explain the changes that occurred in that world when it comes to Replicants, Blade Runners, the world as it currently exists, and why things were allowed to turn out the way they did. There is a great deal of morality that’s brought up in the story and it’s a hope that the comic will continue this, but there’s not a lot of worry that it won’t since the story of Blade Runner is a fairly complex one that can afford to be seen through very different eyes at times, especially since while it’s bound in a way to the narrative that’s been developed over the years, there are still many pathways that can be walked within the larger story, and many storytellers could possibly tell their own version of the same story, or go off on a tangent and come up with something else that might be distantly related to the main story. That’s the beauty of a story such as this, as it can encompass a world, literally, and be filled with so many different points of view that there’s almost no end to what can be done with it. Some might argue that to do too much would be redundant and possibly kill the story at some point, and this view isn’t completely wrong. There are limits that shouldn’t be pushed past, but at the same time there are so many stories to tell that it’s hard not to think of how many might be out there just waiting to be told and given a voice within the greater work that’s already been done. While it’s true that not every story needs to be told in order to get the point across, there are stories that can be told that can take the story in another direction.

Belonging to the same world isn’t too much of a difficulty, but expanding the focus and showing how the rest of the world gets along would be interesting since if one really thinks about it, many stories could benefit from this and become entire worlds unto themselves from a literal standpoint, or mirror-like, fantastical copies of our own that could continue to be developed and pushed forward by the generations yet to come. I know, that’s a lot to think about and possibly the ramblings of someone that wants to see the big picture but is missing the finer details. That’s where storytellers come in though, and it’s their job to ensure that the story doesn’t die out, or that it’s laid to rest at times with enough closure that people won’t come looking for more for a while. Blade Runner is the type of story that can be left for a while and then picked up later in order to see what else can be done to it. But for now, let’s see where the comic takes us.

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