The Birth and Growth of a Snow Flake [Microscopic Time-Lapse Video]

Watching the birth and growth of a snowflake is something very interesting to watch since as you might already know no two are exactly alike, but all of them are so precise when seen at a microscopic level. It’s almost like watching a starfish taking shape in a way, but the exact lines and crystal formations are so exact and precise that it’s a little hard to remember at times that it’s a natural occurrence and not manufactured in any way by any outside force. Nature follows a very defined course at times and doesn’t deviate save when it needs to or discovers an impediment that it has to move around.

It’s kind of fascinating really since if you watch everything radiates outward from a central point more often than not and continues to follow a pattern that we can’t possibly know but simply shows up and continues as the flake continually expands until it reaches its terminus. Those who study such things might be able to explain why each flake branches off as it does but the idea that it’s following a set pattern is kind of odd, almost as if nature has a set of blueprints in hand that are used and then tossed as soon as the flake is made and then unmade. This would argue for the fact that nature follows straight and precise lines and is not as chaotic as it seems, but might appear that way to the naked eye. In fact everything in nature follows a sense of order that could manifest as a chaotic jumble until one takes closer look.

Mankind likes to think that we’re the only thing in this world that doesn’t follow a set pattern but in truth even our species follows a very similar pattern to a snowflake. Think about it very carefully, our cities, our towns, everything that we ever build up starts with an origin point, much like a snowflake. Then as it continues to build, that origin begins to push outward and expand, enveloping more and more area in an effort to increase it’s size and stability. Eventually the origin expands so much that it might have to break off into separate sections that are still tied to the origin but are independent of one another. Humanity does the same thing as we continue to build, move, and then build and expand again in a never-ending quest to find stability and strengthen the origin in a way that allows for it to continue supporting the always-increasing expansion.

It could be said that our society has modeled itself after nature in a way, though many might disagree and state that it’s a coincidence that came about when the first human beings started to realize that to grow outward as a people meant a better chance of survival. Snowflakes are miniature marvels of nature in that they form, they last for as long as it takes to reach the ground, and then they become and indecipherable as anything other than a pure white blanket, a single piece in a magnificent whole.

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