Billy on the Street’s “Name a Woman” is Pure Comedy Gold

Billy on the Street’s “Name a Woman” is Pure Comedy Gold

Billy on the Street’s ‘Name a Woman’ gag is pure comedy gold but honest and truly how would you react to someone suddenly shoving a mic in your face and asking you a question? Of course no one got the dollar until one guy finally saw him coming and probably decided that if he was selected he would have an answer. The split second it takes to come up with an answer to a random question is something that a lot of people can’t cope with since it doesn’t give them enough time to retrieve the pertinent information, plus you’ve got the manic guy with the microphone in your face acting like he has to pee or perhaps acting like the white rabbit who’s always late for a very important date.

Yeah, that’s how crazy it seems but it is pretty funny. Could you possibly name a single female celebrity if you had only a second to think of one? Some people could, but if their thought processes aren’t aligned with that particular question at that time it might take at least couple of seconds and the removal of a certain madman. It seems safe to state that there might have been a few people that didn’t react by shying away but instead getting aggressive which could be the takes that aren’t seen. Obviously Billy would likely tell the people that if they hit him or the cameraman they’d be brought up on charges but all the same a lot of people don’t like being run up on. It makes some folks rather tense and even nervous as you can see. Some of those however don’t back down so easily and could possibly raise a fist just out of reflex.

That seems like it would make this skit pretty hard to really get into since the very real threat of being slapped or punched or even kicked a few times within the time frame that it occupies seems likely in this kind of city. It’s not a foregone conclusion of course but it could happen. In smaller towns it might even get the cops called on him if he didn’t take the time to explain what he’s doing and why. Of course asking how much of this is staged and how much is real reaction is kind of difficult since a lot of these people don’t seem to know he’s coming until he’s there. But then again they would have the option to move out of the way and keep going like the runner did. Maybe she was the smartest one out of all of them.

Yes, once again, it’s funny. There’s no denying that since the answer he’s trying to get is something so random and out there that almost anyone would be flummoxed, but it still begs the question of how many takes we had to miss to get these ones. How many people didn’t shy away or look at him as though he’d gone nuts and instead wanted to put a little extra curb in his diet?

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