10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bill Kottcamp

If the name Bill Kottkamp doesn’t ring any bells, perhaps you’ve not seen him in “Annabelle Comes Home,” which he did in 2019. He’s been in two other projects in Hollywood in the past five years, including “Fist Fight,” and “Moments of Clarity,” in 2017 and 2016, respectively. His work spans the course of more than a decade, and his movies are simply too many to list. He’s known as both a producer and an actor, and his talent is paramount. He’s made a lot happen since he decided to go into this line of work, and it’s time the world learns more about him.

1. He Plays Piano

If you didn’t realize that he’s not just an actor and a producer, then you did not know he’s also a piano player. He plays, and he’s quite good. He isn’t a musician – to our knowledge – but he does have some skill with a piano at his fingertips. See what we did there?

2. He Has a Cat

He has a cute cat. His cat, Pickles, is a doll, and he and the cat make fun videos together. You can find them on his Instagram page making circus cat videos, playing the piano together, and much more. The cat is really cute.

3. He’s in a New Hulu Show

Kottkamp is also quite excited about his new Hulu show, and you might be, too. It’s called Pen15, and you can watch it now. It’s currently streaming on Hulu, and it’s creating a lot of buzz in the industry. If you haven’t checked it out, go for it now.

4. He’s Down to Earth

He might be famous, but he’s not flashy. He’s doing life his own way, and he’s making it count. He falls well in line with the ‘felt cute might delete later,’ crowd, except when he feels cute, he’s not deleting later. He and his Hyundai sedan were both feeling cute recently, so he had a little photo shoot with the car.

5. He Adores Karaoke

Give him a microphone. Give him a stage. Give him a crowd full of people to entertain. Now give him a list of songs. He has his own favorites, but he also knows he’s good for just about anything. His list might not include every small-town girl’s song choices, but don’t think that Bon Jovi didn’t make the cut with everyone’s favorite “Livin’ on a Prayer,” if you ask this talented actor what he’s singing.

6. He Worked with David Spade

When he filmed the movie, “Father of the Year,” he got to work alongside David Spade. He was in the movie acting as the classic best friend who never left town after he grew up. He had a great time working on this project, and it was one of his favorite to date – or so he said in multiple interviews while working the red carpet on this one. Of course, he also knows that it’s probably a good idea to say the project you’re promoting at the moment is one of your favorites, but we agree that this one was a good one.

7. He’s Lively

He’s been called very lively by his co-stars in the movie “Father of the Year,” and he is not surprised by that. He enjoys being lively and being active and outgoing, and he is just himself all the time. He doesn’t try to be anyone but himself.

8. He Loved Boston

When filming “Father of the Year,” he did so in Boston. He was excited to get to spend some time in the city for an extended period of time. It was spring in the city, which is so different than spring in Southern California. The time he spent there was fun for him, and perhaps one of his favorite things about filming the movie.

9. He’s in All the Commercials

In case you think you recognize him, you’re not wrong. He’s been in just about every commercial in Hollywood over the years. If there is a commercial, he’s probably been in it. He’s memorable, too.

10. He Went into Sketch Classes

When he was done with high school, he enrolled in a sketch class. He thought it would be a different class than it was, and he felt that everyone in his class was so much older than he was, and he was baffled by it. He was around 18 at the time, and he wasn’t sure why all these older people wanted to take the same course, but he did it.

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