‘Big Brother’ Recap: BB Back for 15th Season with Dramatic Twist

BB Cast 1Every Big Brother (BB) fan knows that summer doesn’t officially begin until the latest batch of houseguests moves into the BB house. Viewers get an extra treat this year because not only is the season 15 longer (100 days), but there are a whopping 16 contestants. Host Julie Chen promises surprises both inside the house and out.

The first order of business is to introduce this year’s players. There’s downhome Texas country girl Aaryn from San Marcos, TX. Aaryn is a psychology major and feels this gives her an advantage in the game because she can always tell when people are lying.

There’s Nick from New York, NY who says he may be skinny and non-threatening like Peter Parker, but, like Spiderman, he can lay down the smack when he needs to. Nick says he’ll be the hardest-working player ever — physically and mentally.

Helen from Falls Church, VA is both a homemaker and a political consultant.

Spencer is a train conductor from Conway, AR. He claims to be cutthroat and competitive and will do anything to win the money.

David from San Diego, CA thinks life’s a party, and he just wants to live it. He’s a lifeguard, and he enjoys lying out, so he can get a “super good tan.” He enjoys staring at his abs in the mirror and massaging his own pecs. David also loves the ladies.

Elissa from Concord, NC is a yoga instructor. Elissa is also the sister of previous BB Rachel.  Elissa says she’s going to keep the fact that she’s Rachel’s sister a secret for as long as possible.

Andy, who is extremely enthusiastic, teaches Public Speaking to college students in Chicago, IL. He’s a self-proclaimed “super fan.”

The next contestant is Kaitlin from Minneapolis, MN. She says she’s very friendly and this often gives guys the wrong idea, but Kaitlin thinks that might work out in her favor in the BB house.

McCrae from Oak Grove, MN doesn’t aspire to anything other than being the best pizza delivery guy he can be. He says when he walks into the Big Brother house the others will think that he’s a clown, and they’ll be right.

Ginamarie, from Staten Island, NY coordinates pageants for a living. Ginamarie is confident she’ll walk away with the half a million dollar prize because she’ll stop at nothing to win.

Howard, a youth and family counselor from Hattiesburg, MS, says he has the eye of a tiger and the heart of a lion. He says he has to win at all costs. He says he’s athletic and competitive by nature and not intimated by too much of anything.

Jessie is another Texas girl who says she’s a leader who feels that most people should wise up and follow her lead more often.  Her resume includes being cheerleading captain, in junior high. Jessie says other girls are ALWAYS jealous of her because of her great personality, and her good looks.

Katy, TX resident Jeremy lives on a sailboat. He’s always dreamed of sailing around the world. He’s part Cherokee and embraces that side of his heritage. He says he has an inner warrior who’s going to help him conquer all challenges that come his way.

Amanda works as a luxury realtor in Boynton Beach, FL. She says she gets what she wants when she wants it.

Candice lives in New Orleans, LA, and at the age of 26, she found out she was adopted, so now she has a white family and a black family. Candice believes she has a dual personality One side of her is very girly complete with big hair, heels and make-up. The other side is a super tough girl.

Good ole’ boy Judd resides in Etowah, TN. He thinks the other people in the house are going to underestimate him, but he says whenever he starts his schemes, he’s the one they’re going to have to look out for.

The soon-to-be housemates start packing and speculating what to expect when it comes to their roommates. Judd hopes there are some hot Italian women from Staten Island. Howard is bringing his bible because he doesn’t plan on deviating from his time with God while in the house. Kaitlin plans on manipulating at least one guy into falling in love with her. Spencer says there’s only room for one Alpha and that’s him.

Cut to LA, where all the houseguests stand before Julie “Chenbot” Chen who promises them that this battle for half a million dollars is going to be more difficult than ever before.

The first four competitors to enter the house are Candice, Ginamarie, Judd and Andy. Andy says that as a BB super fan, he’s super excited and can’t believe that this is happening. Judd says when he spotted Ginamarie, he thought he might have died and gone to heaven. He looks forward to spending the summer with this hot Staten Island girl.

BB Cast2The next group to enter includes Elissa, Jeremy, Kaitlin and McCrae. McCrae says he feels overwhelmed. He definitely shows some insecurity when he says he doesn’t look or talk like these other people.

Howard, Helen, Jessie and Nick are the next to last to head into the house. Helen says walking into the Big Brother house is like meeting your favorite celebrity of all time. Howard comments on the multitude of beautiful women. He manages to catch Ginamarie’s eye who appreciates his muscular build.

Elissa says one of the things she wants to do is form an all-girl alliance because it’s never been done before. That might be difficult since Kaitlin doesn’t necessarily get along with other girls. She’s convinced the cattiness and drama is just around the corner.

The final group to enter the BB abode includes Aaryn, Amanda, David and Spencer. By now, all the beds are gone. Aaryn says she’s a nice southern girl from Texas and she doesn’t sleep with strange boys on the first night. David says it sucks to be the last group to come into the house. He’s not sure if he should bunk with the girls, so he can get a good vibe with them. Or, should he “bro, bro” with the guys.

The houseguests pop the top off some bottles of bubbly and do the obligatory round of introductions.BB Board Candice says Ginamarie is the loudest in the house by far. Judd says he was concerned he might be considered the dumbest guy in the house, but that after meeting David that might not be the case after all.

There are some romantic sparks already flying. Jessie thinks Jeremy looks like Taylor Lautner (‘Twilight’) and that he’s hot. Amanda thinks Nick exudes confidence; a characteristic that she thinks is very sexy.

Helen omits that she’s been working in politics for over a decade because she feels it will put a target on her back. Kaitlin thinks Andy is cute and admits that she was hoping for a gay man this summer, and “he’s for sure it.” Jeremy thinks that Kaitlin is the hottest girl by far, and when she looks at him his heart melts. MacCrae says Howard is cut from stone and if he was gay, McCrae would tear Howard apart. Judd feels that Elissa looks a little bit familiar, and he kind of wants to get to the bottom of it.

Howard, Jeremy and Spencer have a quick strategy session. Howard says any chance he gets to be alone with somebody and tests the waters; he’s going to take advantage of it. He says God helps those who help themselves. The three immediately agree to a secret alliance.

Jessie has determined already that David and Andy are strong players. She says if nothing else, they would be the best looking alliance in BB history. Jessie tells them that girls always come after her. Jeremy says the prettier you are, the more they are going to come after you. Jessie modestly responds with “exactly.”

Julie informs them for that the first time in BB history; there will not be two nominees every week. Instead, there will be three. The Head of Household (HOH) will still nominate two nominees, but the third nomination will be made by the “The Big Brother Most Valuable Player.” This BB MVP will not be revealed to the other houseguest. The MVP’s nomination is also a secret. The MVP will be determined by viewer votes. All the houseguests speculate on how this twist will change the game.

BB HOHThe time arrives for the first HOH competition. Each houseguest climbs to the top of a giant replica of a Popsicle and lifted off the ground. The last one hanging on will be crowned the summer’s first HOH. Judd drops first, and claims he didn’t want to be the first HOH anyway. Howard is next and also says he threw the competition. Candice is the third to go.

During the competition, Candice comments to Judd and Howard that Elissa looks like she could be previous winner Rachel Reilly’s sister. Judd is confident they are related. He says he’s going to keep this information to himself and use it to his advantage.

The final four are Jeremy, David, McCrae and Nick. In order to speed things along, Julie offers an incentive for two of the remaining competitors to drop. In the break room there are two lunch pails. One of them contains a “Never Not Pass” which means whoever acquires this pass won’t be a Have Not the entire summer. The catch is, of course, picking the right pail. The temptation proves too great for David who drops. Unfortunately, he chose wrong. Jeremy lets go and gets the pass.

Nick and McCrae strike a deal. McCrae agrees to not nominate or backdoor Nick. Nick feels secure that he’s safe and drops making McCrae the first HOH of the summer.

Before the players moved in, they were asked about their strategy. Julie tells the houseguests that their answers have been posted on CBS.com. She reveals that the audience is already voting for this week’s BB MVP based on those answers. The MVP’s nominee will be revealed before each Power of Veto competition.








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