‘Big Brother’ 15 Weekly Recap: The “Cherokee Chief” Hits the Trail

BB HOH Helen

When we last saw the houseguests…

The HOH competition actually started Wednesday night when the houseguests were awakened by the “Big Brother Express.” Every few hours a horn would sound, and the houseguests would head outside to witness a “delivery.” There were multiple items on a conveyor belt, and each houseguest tried to memorize as much about the objects as possible.

The second half of the competition took place at its usual time and was called “Overnight Delivery.” Julie read a series of statements based on the deliveries made on Wednesday night. The houseguests answered either true or false. The last player standing would be crowned the new HOH. Judd and Jeremy were the first two out, followed by GinaMarie, Andy, Spencer, Amanda and Elissa. Candice went in the third round. After the sixth round, it all came down to a tiebreaker question for the remaining hopefuls. McCrae was eliminated and was down to Kaitlin, Howard, Jessie and Helen. Helen won the HOH proving there is such a thing as Kharma.

Sunday Night

Sunday night’s episode opens with a replay of Nick’s eviction from the house. GinaMarie is inconsolable, to the point where you would think they had carried the guy out in a body bag. Jeremy figures out the Moving Company have gone out of business, and Aaryn feels the only people she can trust are the four people who voted for Nick. Helen is ecstatic that her and Elissa’s plan came together. I was actually sad to see Nick go, given he was one of the more tolerable people in the house, and now I’m stuck waiting for the rest of the racist homophobes to walk out the door which will take weeks.

GinaMarie retreats to the bathroom stall, and Aaryn tries to get her revved up for the HOH competition. BBGinaMarie cryingGinaMarie says she doesn’t even want to be there without Nick. Imagine her surprise when she learns that the love affair she has created in her mind was entirely one-sided. If I were Nick, I’d be sitting at home thanking God that he got out before GinaMarie found a rabbit to boil.

GinaMarie quickly goes from heartbroken to angry. She starts screaming how “all of you(s) are so stupid.” Elissa, McCrae, Amanda and Judd retreat to one of the bedrooms and laugh at GinaMarie’s tirade. She calls them scrubs, hey TLC called, and they want their word back, and losers. Then she starts posturing, bragging about her skills as a player. She’s run gamut of emotions in a timeframe of roughly five minutes.

McCrae justifies his vote by saying The Moving Company basically issued him an ultimatum of either choosing them or Amanda, and he went with the voluptuous brunette. Spencer explains that Jeremy makes it hard to protect him, and he was putting a lot of unnecessary attention on himself and therefore the moving company. Spencer was conflicted, but it turns out that a conversation he had with Helen earlier in the day made enough of an impression for him to turn his back on his alliance.

Spencer went to Howard to try and get him to flip, but in the end, Howard chose to vote for Elissa. It appears as if he figured he could claim he voted whichever way will help him get further from this point out.

While Helen, Elissa, Amanda and Candice savor their victory in one room, Kaitlin and Aaryn retreat to the lounge to wallow in the agony of defeat. Aaryn says the other group’s strategy is to pick off the strongest player until the weakest wins. First, if these players were so strong they wouldn’t be going home and secondly, what the hell is wrong with that strategy? Aaryn feels the only people she can trust are Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Jeremy and Howard. GinaMarie wanders in, still sobbing, wearing a hat that Nick left behind. She says Nick will go home, meet someone else and never want to hang out with her again. Well, if that wasn’t the case, it probably sure the hell is now. All three girls agree they no longer want to reside in the BB house.

Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin, who apparently spent last week sleeping together in the HOH room, are now back downstairs trying to lay claim to some beds. They try to push Jessie out of her bed, but the disagreement quickly becomes about Jessie’s lack of loyalty. Aaryn asks her that if somebody from the minority, mean boy/girl group wins HOH next week, if she’ll flip again. Jessie says no and starts to explain that she didn’t like the way she was being treated by Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy and GinaMarie. Kaitlin questions Elissa’s loyalty to Jessie, but Jessie says that at least Elissa treats her with respect.

BBcandicefightAaryn, not feel sated enough torturing Jessie, decides to flip Candice’s mattress of her bed and fling her personal belongings everywhere. When Candice discovers the vandalism, she’s really hurt. Candice threatens that if anyone touches her bed again, all hell will break loose in the house. Aaryn starts bobbing her head and doing a stereotypical impersonation of an angry black woman asking Candice “What’cha gonna do girl?” Then Aaryn accuses Candice of having crabs. Candice behaves like a lady especially since most women would have had Aaryn by her lovely, blonde likes by this point. GinaMarie gets in Candice’s face and asks if she wants to see the “black come out?” Howard physically carries Candice out of the room before the situation escalates any further. It’s disappointing that he doesn’t address the overt racism.

Howard takes Candice into the Have-Not room and tries to calm her down. Howard says that if the animosity reaches a certain level, he’ll be forced to defend her, and then he’ll have to leave the house. Candice wonders how much longer she’s supposed to take the high road. Howard tells her it is the better route for them in the long run. She breaks down into tears, and Howard is visibly frustrated. “It’s heartbreaking seeing any woman cry, but we share the same ethnic group…it takes on a different hurt for me. That’s my mom crying, that’s my sister crying, and all she wants to do is stand up for what’s right.” He says unfortunately, they are not playing a game where you can do that. I think that’s a load of crap. Howard says that people are showing their true colors, but they don’t have the upper hand in the house and that’s what counts.

Amanda finally lets loose on Aaryn and tells her that she’s racist on the show and warns her that when she leaves the house, a lot of people are going to hate her. She says that’s why she came to her in a subtle way trying to help her. Aaryn replies that she hasn’t said anything racist.  Amanda says she’s heard it with her own ears, and the entire house talks about it. Aaryn says the other houseguests are just trying to make her look bad. Amanda replies, “You say what you say, and nobody can put words into your mouth except for you.”

While Amanda is calling Aaryn out on her BS, Candice is still reeling from her own confrontation with Aaryn. She sits in the bathroom and tells Andy, Elissa and Helen about the bed and vents in general about the disrespect running rampant in the house. They think this is bad, BB still refuses to show the bevy of sexist and homophobic slurs have been a daily occurrence.

At some point, the emotional flare-ups stop, and the game play moves forward. McCrae confesses to Amanda that there was a boy’s alliance. He says his motivation for telling her was that he felt she was getting suspicious and it was making things tough and awkward. He’s hopes that by telling her, it will strengthen their bond. Amanda isn’t the least bit angry and how could she be? McCrae tells her that the Moving Company wanted them to drop her and he refused because “she’s his queen.” I am convinced that McCrae was a benchwarmer until Amanda started letting him round the bases.

Switch to GinaMarie sobbing uncontrollably in the living room. Her behavior is laughable, and I can only only imagine how she would be behaving if she and Nick had actually consummated this relationship. Racist Aaryn rushes in to lend some comfort, and surprisingly, so does Candice. Aaryn takes the opportunity to apologize to Candice for her offensive remarks. She says she may be southern and make inappropriate comments, but she doesn’t have anything against people of other races. Just when you think there might be a shred of decency in this girl, you find out that she’s not apologizing for what she said; just that Candice took it the wrong way. Candice accepts her apology to her face but says Aaryn’s apology means nothing to her. Candice decides she’s simply going to act as if Aaryn doesn’t exist. If only the rest of us had that option.

The time comes for the Have/Have-Not competition. The backyard is decorated like a farm. There are four BB Scary Dairy Competitionlarge troughs full of a rancid, milky substance. The houseguests are split into three teams, and each team must transfer the “milk” to an empty milk jug at the other end of the yard by throwing it at each other and hoping some lands in his/her individual bucket. The first team to fill their jug wins. The last place team becomes the Have-Nots. The name of the comp is “Scary Dairy.” The red team includes Candice, Elissa, Spencer and Andy. The blue team is made up of Howard, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Aaryn. The yellow team consists of McCrae, Judd, Jessie and Amanda. The red team finishes first. Howard tries to throw the competition so the three girls will have to undergo the experience of being a Have-Not, but McCrae is so pathetic, the blue team still finishes second despite his best efforts.

Finally, some strategizing begins. Jeremy tells her about the moving company and says they planned to cruise through the game until Spencer and McCrae bailed. He also tells Helen that by siding with Aaryn, he realizes he’s put a larger target on his back. Helen asks how he would react if she nominated Kaitlin, and he tells her he’d be fine with her decision. Helen recognizes Jeremy is untrustworthy but might still be useful.

Next, Helen speaks with Howard. Helen gives Howard the chance to come clean about how he voted saying she can only work with him if she trusts him. Howard admits he voted to keep Nick in the house and promises never to lie to her again. Helen knows full well that Howard was a member of the Moving Company, so she confronts him about his involvement. Howard makes a huge mistake and vehemently denies being part of the alliance.

The time for nominations arrives. While several houseguests’ futures in the house hang in the balance, Helen puts up Aaryn and Kaitlin.

Wednesday Night

After the nomination ceremony, Kaitlin says she’s going to keep her head down, stay focused and win the Veto. Aaryn isn’t surprised she’s a nominee because she considers herself a straight shooter and a strong competitor. Jeremy realizes that even though he is safe for now, there’s a very good chance that if Elissa wins MVP, she’ll be gunning for him.

Once nominations are over, Helen meets with her side of the house to discuss the possible third nominee. Just like Jeremy, Helen is confident Elissa will win MVP, and they have a lot of pull when it comes down to who she decides to nominate.

bbhoward nomineeAmanda and McCrae are lying in wait in the HOH bedroom and no sooner has Helen shut the door, does she tell them that Howard voted out Nick. In spite of that tidbit of info, Helen still wants Jeremy out. She also wants Spencer to go up as the third nominee and then back door Jeremy. Amanda disagrees. She doesn’t view Spencer as a physical or mental threat. She tells Helen they need to put somebody up who has a chance of winning, if by chance, Jeremy is chosen to compete. Amanda is trying to take into account all of the possible scenarios, one being that Jeremy manages to stay off the block. In that case, she wants Howard to go home.

Helen and Spencer have a pow wow, and unlike Howard, Spencer realizes it’s in his best interests to cop to his role in the Moving Company. Helen tells Spencer Howard lied to her about the moving company and then bursts into tears. She tells him that Howard and Spencer were the two men she trusted most in the house and now she looks like an idiot. Her tears are of the crocodile variety, and she’s just using them as an effective manipulation tool. Helen tells Spencer she’s going to give him a second chance.

Spencer goes to Howard and tells him everything. Howard now has to deal with the consequences of lying to Helen twice. He’s not sure he’ll be able to redeem himself at this point. Howard, out of options, finally tells Helen the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He says he has to come clean for his conscience, but more importantly, to avoid becoming the MVP nominee. He hopes for forgiveness but that seems unlikely. However, hope does spring eternal.

For the third week in a row, Elissa is chosen as the MVP. She seems sweet enough, but I figure Brenchel must be working overtime outside of the house for her to keep winning. It doesn’t take her long to start weighing her options with McCrae. He says he doesn’t want to influence her decision, but in his opinion Howard has to go. This time around, Elissa is less malleable than usual. As she starts to voice her doubts, Amanda enters the pantry and tells Elissa there is no other option. Elissa feels like Amanda and McCrae are trying to get her to do their dirty work.

Elissa tells Helen that while she feels the only reason the other members of the group wants her around is for her power as MVP, she feels she and Helen have a genuine alliance. Helen reassures Elissa of her loyalty by telling her this HOH is just as much hers and Helen’s. Elissa is definitely on board with back dooring Jeremy. Elissa says she just can’t nominate Howard in spite of Helen’s assurances that there’s no way he would go home this week. Elissa says if there’s no chance Howard is going home, there’s no point in putting him on the block.

Helen suggests that they bring Amanda and McCrae into the conversation. Elissa continues to balk at the idea of nominating Howard. Amanda asks her what is deterring her from doing so. Elissa says she’s put up all the strong guys, and they’re going to come after her. One minute Amanda is telling Elissa there’s no way Howard’s going home and the next she admits that if they can’t back door Jeremy, Howard’s out. McCrae accuses Elissa of being unwilling to make big moves. They are unable to reach a consensus, Amanda storms out of the HOH bedroom, and Elissa starts to fake cry.

Still unsure of what Elissa is going to do, the time arrives to pick players for the Veto competition and reveal the MVP’s nominee. Elissa chooses Spencer as the third nominee. The next hurdle to getting out Jeremy is hoping his name isn’t picked to participate in the competition. In addition to Spencer, Aaryn and Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Candice are chosen to play.

Jeremy shuffles around with his head hanging low to muster up some guilt/sympathy from Kaitlin. Kaitlin decides the only way to keep her and Jeremy in the house is for Aaryn to go home, and the only way that can happen is if nobody uses the Power of Veto. Kaitlin figures her last best chance at getting laid for at least one more week is GinaMarie. GinaMarie is now forced to choose between her two friends if she wins.

The time arrives for the all-important Veto competition. In “Keeping Up With the Joneses” each houseguestBBKaitlinpov plays separately. The goal is to match the pictures hung on the Joneses wall. The only way for a houseguest to see the other wall is by jumping on a trampoline. Once the contestants get their wall to match the Joneses, they hit a button and lock in their times. The player who accomplishes this task in the least amount of time wins. Helen’s worst nightmare comes true when Kaitlin wins the Veto.

Jeremy is convinced that he can get Kaitlin to do what he needs her to do to keep him safe. It’s unclear if he knows about the ultimatum Kaitlin received from Amanda telling Kaitlin that if she chooses to use the Veto, she’s out. So, now the plan is to convince Helen to nominate Howard. Helen tells Kaitlin if she doesn’t nominate Jeremy, the rest of the house will kill her. Kaitlin refuses to retreat and tells Helen that she thinks Howard is untrustworthy, which has been proven. She also believes he’s throwing every competition. Helen points out how badly Jeremy has treated so many people in the house, including her. Kaitlin tells Helen that Jeremy would be in her debt if she kept him. Big deal, Jeremy would turn on her in a second, and Helen has to realize that. Kaitlin finally breaks down when she realizes she’s exhausted all of her options.

After briefly considering taking her chances and staying on the block, Kaitlin decides to use the Veto on herself. Helen names Jeremy as the replacement nominee.

Thursday Night

After the Veto ceremony, Helen is ecstatic. Rarely, has a houseguest’s reign ever gone completely according to planned. While she thinks Aaryn is a trouble maker, she’s more concerned with Jeremy’s bullying and physical strength. Maybe once all these couples get broken up, the women will remember that this isn’t a dating show; they are all supposed to be in the BB house for the chance to win a half a million dollars.

Aaryn continues to prove that she is a complete an utter moron by saying things like “People hate people who are cute.” Or, Jeremy is being discriminated against because he’s a winner. Even though it is not in her best interests at all, Aaryn wants Jeremy to campaign and get some votes. Truthfully, I think I’d rather see her ass walk out that door. I am drooling with anticipation at what awaits her once she’s out of that cushy cocoon.

BB Jeremy babyMuch like Sears, Jeremy has decided to show he has a softer side. He actually dresses up as a giant baby which wouldn’t work even if he wasn’t plastered with tattoos. I mean, this might be one of the most pathetic attempts at a last minute image change in BB history. “When Jeremy approaches McCrae and I dressed as a baby, I know that he’s either wanting to breastfeed or campaign,” says Amanda. He tells them that if he gives them one more week, he’ll give them the rest of us game.

Jeremy isn’t the only one kissing ass. Aaryn admits she’s had some bad moments with some of the people in the house, and if she can smooth that over and show people that she’s a good and funny person, it will help her out the week. It’s too bad she doesn’t actually possess those character traits.

On a more psychotic note, the houseguests are finally losing patience with GinaMarie’s obsession with Nick. She’s squirreling away little tokens that are Nick-related items. I’ve read that serial killers engage in similar behaviors. It’s lucky for Nick he lives in NYC because there are plenty of places for the poor guy to hide. Amanda decides to hide the items from GinaMarie’s shrine to Nick. It takes her a hot minute to notice the stuff is missing, and she immediately confronts her roommates. When nobody is forthcoming, she is reduced to tears. Probably fearing for their personal safety, the guilty parties come forward with the exception of Aaryn. What started out as a good-natured prank, turned into another reason for the housemates to further dislike Aaryn.

Jeremy knows he has Kaitlin and GinaMarie’s votes. Since he’s lacking a few, he has no choice but to go begging at the feet of the people in power, Helen and Elissa. He promises that until it came down to the three of them, he would never go against them again. Helen says that if he were to stay in the house, there would have to be a change in attitude. I have to assume that BB is trying to insert some amount of suspense into tonight’s vote because why else would Helen even entertain the idea of keeping Jeremy around? She’s made it her mission the past two weeks to get him out. He makes them the exact same promise he made to Amanda and McCrae.

One couple in the house that doesn’t make me want to spew chunks is Amanda and McCrae. This BBamandaandMcCraebroadcast devotes a bit of time to the house’s oddest couple. Both families weigh in on the romance. McCrae’s dad can’t stop beaming, probably relieved that his son is not only getting action with a gorgeous brunette, but getting it on national TV. Otherwise, who the hell would believe it? Amanda’s mom is holding out hope that the pizza delivery job is a ruse, and McCrae’s real career is something a bit more lucrative.

The time comes for the nominees’ final statements. Jeremy seems resigned to the fact that he’ll be leaving, so it looks like the baby outfit didn’t work. Aaryn says she’ll be thankful if they keep her, but she’ll respect whatever the other houseguests decide to do. Spencer does a few shout outs and tells his fellow cast members this is the best experience that has ever happened to him.

Candice, Andy, Howard, Elissa, McCrae, Aaryn, Amanda, GinaMarie, Jessie and Judd all vote to evict Jeremy while Kaitlin votes to evict Spencer. Kaitlin handles the news without all the over-the-top dramatics of her predecessors Aaryn and GinaMarie.

BB Jeremyand KaitlinJulie tells Jeremy that from the moment he entered the house he was cocky and questions whether he thinks that’s why he was evicted. He says he’s a winner and it’s not in his blood to lose without a trace of irony. Julie points out that he, in fact, did just lose and asks him how that feels. He says he’s walking out with this his head held high because he played to his fullest. He denies being a bully and credits Kaitlin for making him a humbler man.

The HOH competition is called “Big Brother Reality.” America has bestowed each houseguest with a title. Julie reads the titles and gives two houseguests’ names. The answer will be A or B depending on who the houseguests think America found deserving of each title. The last houseguest standing will be the new HOH. Andy, Amanda, Candice and Elissa are the first three eliminated followed by Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie. After the final question, only Kaitlin, McCrae and Judd are left. The tie-breaking question is how many gallons of milk in the “Scary Dairy” competition would it take to fill all three of the large vats? Judd guessed the closest without going over and is the new Head of Household.

A new twist to look forward to next week is that America will be the MVP and decide the third nominee.






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