The 10 Best Movies About Pets

The 10 Best Movies About Pets

The 10 Best Movies About Pets

If you’ve ever had a pet you know that the bond between humans and animals is one of the most special things someone can experience. Despite not being able to communicate in the traditional sense, there’s an unspoken love that radiates when people and their pets find each other. As a result, movies about pets have been huge successes in Hollywood. From dogs to cats to pigs, animals have become stars in the entertainment industry. Although some movies about pets can be heartbreaking, they can tell some of the most memorable stories the big screen has ever seen. Continue reading to see our list of the 10 best movies about pets.

10. Babe

Most movies about pets tend to center around dogs or cats, but not Babe. The 1995 movie put an adorable little piglet in the spotlight, and he quickly became a star. The film is based on the 1983 book The Sheep-Pig and it tells the story of a pig named Babe who moves to a farm after being won as a prize in a county fair. Although each of the animals on the farm has a particular role to play, Babe decides that he doesn’t want to stick to the traditional pig role. Instead, he aspires to be like a sheep dog. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with the other animals and he struggles to fit in. Upon its release, Babe was a major box office success and it spawned a sequel in 1998 called Babe: Pig in the City.

9. Benji

Benji was originally released in 1974 and is about a stray dog named Benji who desperately wants a home. He becomes quite well liked by the children of the local Chapman family, but they are unable to take him in because of their father, Dr. Chapman. However, Dr. Chapman eventually has a change of heart after Benji helps rescue the children after they’ve been kidnapped. The movie was so successful that it resulted in an entire franchise of movies featuring Benji. In 2018, a remake of the movie was released on Netflix.

8. Sounder

If you’re looking for a tear jerker, Sounder is it. The movie centers around the Morgans, a poor Black family living in the South during the Great Depression. Nathan Morgan (Paul Winfield) and his son, David (Kevin Hooks), often go hunting with their dog Sounder to find food. Nathan eventually gets so desperate that he starts stealing food, and he is eventually arrested. When authorities take him away, Sounder chases them and is shot. After being injured, Sounder runs away and David struggles to find him. However, David never loses hope that he and Sounder will be reunited. Not only was the film a box office success, but it received four Academy Award nominations. Additionally, the fake that Sounder was a successful movie with a mostly Black cast during the 1970s was a huge deal.

7. Fly Away Home

As mentioned earlier, dogs and cats tend to get the most love when it comes to movies, but Fly Away Home was a different kind of pet movie. The film stars Anna Paquin as Amy Alden, a young girl who moves to Canada with her father after her mother died in a car accident. Since Amy and her father don’t have a close relationship, she initially feels out of place with her new living arrangement. However, she discovers some abandoned goose eggs and waits for them to hatch. Amy and her father bond over teaching the birds to fly. Fly Away Home may not be as popular as many of the other movies on this list but it’s a great movie, especially if you’re looking for something a little different.

6. Beethoven

When people think of movies about pets, Beethoven is probably one of the first that comes to mind. The movie was released in 1992 and centers around a Saint Bernard named Beethoven who belongs to the Newton family. Beethoven is a kind and loyal dog, but George (Charles Grodin), the head of the Newton family, isn’t really a big fan of having a dog in the house. This is especially true because he feels that Beethoven takes attention away from him, and the dog can be a little on the mischievous side. However, the real drama in the movie is the fact that a vet named Herman Varnick (Dean Jones) attempts to kidnap Beethoven to use him as part of an experiment. He does his best to outsmart the Newton family, but they eventually catch on and saved their beloved dog.  By the end of the movie, George is just as fond of Beethoven as the rest of the family. Beethoven was one of the most popular movies of the year and it is now widely considered a classic. The film also resulted in several other Beethoven movies.

5. A Dog’s Purpose

The 2017 movie A Dog’s Purpose is another one that will probably have you shedding a few tears. The film takes an interesting look at the meaning of life through the eyes of a dog who is on a journey to discover the meaning behind his life. He soon realizes that his purpose is to bring joy to the lives of humans and help teach them important life lessons. Over the course of the movie, the dog is reincarnated multiple times and he continues to find his owner at various stages in life. Even if you don’t have any pets, A Dog’s Purpose is one of those movies you’ll still be able to relate to. A sequel called A Dog’s Journey was released in the spring of 2019 and it follows a similar premise to the first film.

4. Air Bud

Released in 1997, Air Bud is easily one of the most memorable movies of the year. The movie is about a teenager named Josh (Kevin Zegers) who is having a tough time adapting to his new home town. However, things start looking up for him when he meets Buddy, a stray Golden Retriever who he develops a bond with. He quickly realizes that the dog isn’t just any Golden Retriever through. Buddy is a talented basketball player who is especially gifted when it comes to shooting. Buddy ends up joining the basketball team which helps Josh become more popular at school. Unfortunately, however, Josh and Buddy’s happy relationship is disrupted when Buddy’s original owner (who previously abandoned him) tries to come back into the picture. Luckily, the movie has a happy ending and Buddy ends up exactly where he belongs. The movie launched a franchise that included several other projects.

3.  My Dog Skip

During the 2000s, Frankie Muniz was one of the most popular young stars in the entertainment industry. After making a name for himself in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle he started taking in more film roles and the 2000 movie My Dog Skip was one of them. In the movie, he played a boy named Willie who grew up during the 1940s. Since Willie struggled to make friends, his mom decided to buy him a dog so he could have a companion. He named the dog Skip and the two became the best of friends. The two shared a very tight bond and when Willie went away to college Skip slept in his bed every night. Sadly, Skip died while Willie was away at school, but he never forgot about the relationship that he and the dog shared. This is yet another movie that will definitely make you cry, but it’s also a great story about friendship and loyalty.

2.The Secret Life of Pets

Live action movies about pets tend to do well because people love seeing cute animals. However, despite being animated, The Secret Life of Pets is still one of the best. Released in 2016, it was one of the highest grossing movies of the year. Although it was targeted towards children, it attracted a wide audience. The movie follows a dog named Max (Louis C.K.) who finds his world being rocked when his owner decides to adopt another pet, a dog named Duke. Max, who is used to being the king of the castle, has a hard time adjusting to having a new dog in his space. While out on a walk, the two find themselves in a sticky situation when they are attacked by cats and end up on their way to the pound. Along the way, Max and Duke come in contact with other animals and they end up on a mission to hele  abandoned pets get their revenge on the humans who left them behind. A sequel to the film titled The Secret Life of Pets 2 was released in 2019.

1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Most pet owners would probably agree that losing a pet or having them runaway is one of the scariest things they can imagine. However, the 1993 movie Homeward Bound puts a comedic spin on this situation by telling it from the perspective of the dogs. The film, which is based on the 1963 movie The Incredible Journey, follows three pets who embark on a journey to find their owners after mistakenly thinking they’ve been permanently left behind when their human family goes on a trip. Homeward Bound is a cute and funny movie that has proven to be a timeless classic. The film spawned a sequel called Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco which was released in 1999.Charles Grodin

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