The Five Best Jennifer Jason Leigh Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Jennifer Jason Leigh Movies of Her Career

Jennifer Jason Leigh Fast Times

When you stand back and look at it you can realize that Jennifer Jason Leigh has had a very long and storied career since she’s been in more movie than many people can easily recall. From being a young woman to the present day when she’s been in such movies as the gore-laden Hateful Eight she’s taken on just about as many roles as some of the old school actors and has been convincing in all of them for the most part. While there have definitely been movies that are a lot more popular than others she’s still managed to turn in a great performance no matter where she goes and has been lauded by many of her costars as a truly seasoned and skilled professional. There have been several movies as of late that have shown her in one role or another that is easy to like or despise depending on her character, but not all of them have been winners.

Here are the five best movies of her career.

5. Road to Perdition

It was only a little difficult to rate this movie in the top five since her part in it was somewhat short, but it’s easy to think that it’s one of the best movies she’s starred in since it tells a very rich and painful story of a man that, after doing unspeakable things for his employer, is betrayed by that same employer’s son. After losing his wife and youngest son the hired gun goes on the run with his eldest son while attempting to make the gangster he used to serve hurt in the most noticeable way possible, his checkbook. While becoming bank robbers wasn’t the ideal way to get his revenge, it was a good way to get noticed and finally reach his intended target since if there’s one thing the mob has never liked, it’s losing money.

4. Single White Female

There was a day when people didn’t suspect anyone of being a weirdo for absolutely no reason and vetting roommates wasn’t exactly a priority. This could be one reason why such a practice seems to be necessary since inviting someone into your home, even for practical needs, is a scary proposition for some since there’s no idea just what a stranger is going to be like or what they might do once they move in. In this case the roommate wasn’t just creepy, she was a homicidal maniac that sought to not only become the woman that took her in, but tried to ruin her life in the process, doing everything she could to get closer to the woman while also apparently trying to become her.

3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Among the many movies that couldn’t possibly be made in this day and age, this is one of those that a lot of people grew up with and absolutely loved no matter that it was highly offensive in some ways and in this day and age would no doubt be triggering to many people. Back in the day however this was one of the more entertaining and fun movies that people would seek to watch when they needed a good laugh or wanted to see a nude shot of Phoebe Cates that was too difficult to turn away from. Let’s face it, this was just one of those fun movies that you get a laugh out of even if it gets a rise out of the person next to you.

2. The Machinist

The effects of insomnia are all too real, but this seems to take things to a serious limit that most people shouldn’t aspire to since it indicates a very disturbed mind that has lost all contact with reality. Trevor unfortunately turns on all of those closest to him, even Stevie, the prostitute that has genuine feelings for him but can’t keep up with his increasing instability. As the story moves along however it becomes clear that he’s not running from anyone other than his own sense of guilt after having committed a hit and run nearly a year before that eventually led to his insomnia and extreme weight loss.

1. Dolores Claiborne

One thing about Stephen King’s stories is that when they’re rooted in reality they become that much scarier since the audience gets the feeling that such things can and have actually happened in the past. There were many criticisms about this story when it was released, but the story is as solid as they come, depicting the desperate struggle of a woman that comes to realize that her daughter is being molested by her husband. When she decides to do something about it however the truth of his indiscretions, along with the many beatings he gives her throughout their marriage, die with him, and she becomes the prime target in the matter of his death.

She’s been pretty solid in just about everything she’s done.

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