Disney’s Moana Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

Disney’s Moana Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

In case you weren’t aware, Disney’s Moana was released on Blu-ray yesterday.   It’s already been available for digital download since February but fans should be delighted that they can now purchase the film as the weather is starting to warm up.  In honor of the release, the folks at Screenjunkies decided to do what they do best and give Moana’s trailer a much more honest take than what you saw prior to watching the movie.

For whatever reason (P.S. I’m all in favor of this), Honest Trailers has been incorporating a lot of song parodies in their videos lately, and they took that same concept into their Moana interpretation.   Here we see three different parodies of songs from Moana, including one that calls out the fact that Dwayne Johnson clearly doesn’t have the best singing voice.

A full exploration into Moana’s ocean powers is uncovered.  The trailer attempts to answer issues in the movie like how the ocean is seemingly helping Moana the whole way and yet in a few parts of the movie decides to toss her around like a ragdoll.  Shouldn’t the ocean make up its mind or something?

If you’re interested in finding out what the Moana trailer is REALLY about, check out the clip below:

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