5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked

5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked
5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked

As one of the most beloved characters in Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman had a knack for making the audience both laugh and cringe. From his flashy suits to his questionable morals, there’s no denying that he was an unforgettable character. All of this was of course proved when the character received his own spin-off in Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad has become a cultural phenomenon since its debut in 2008, and much of its success can be attributed to its compelling characters, including the criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, quickly became a fan favorite due to his unique personality and comedic relief in the show’s intense moments, but which ones were the best? Here are the best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman moments ranked from worst to best.

5. The Epic “Laser Tag” Ruse: Saul’s Plan to Save the Day

5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked

Saul’s wit and resourcefulness are on full display in this memorable scene, where he devises a plan to save Walt, Jesse, and himself from a potentially deadly situation. Saul convinces them to use the cover of a laser tag business to distract their enemies while they escape. This plan not only saves their lives but also allows them to gain the upper hand against their enemies.

4. Saul’s Memorable Entrance: “It’s Showtime, Folks!”

5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked

Saul’s entrance in Breaking Bad isone for the books. The moment he steps out of his car in his flashy suit, the camera pans to capture his larger-than-life personality, and he introduces himself with his famous catchphrase, “It’s showtime, folks!” This scene perfectly encapsulates Saul’s flamboyant persona and sets the tone for his character throughout the series.

What makes this scene so great is the way it shows Saul’s confidence and charisma. He’s not afraid to stand out and be himself, even in a world where most people would try to blend in. From his flashy suits to his bold personality, Saul is a character who demands attention, and this entrance is the perfect representation of that. It’s a memorable moment that sticks with viewers long after the episode is over.

3. “The World Needs More Lawyers Like You”: Saul’s Heartfelt Moment with Jesse

5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked

Saul Goodman is known for his cunning and often humorous schemes, but there are also moments where he shows his softer side. One of the most touching moments in the series is when Saul has a heartfelt conversation with Jesse about how the world needs more lawyers like him. In this scene, Saul acknowledges Jesse’s intelligence and potential as a lawyer, and he encourages him to pursue a career in law. It’s a touching moment that showcases Saul’s softer side and his ability to see the good in people.

And on top of that, it highlights the complexity of Saul’s character. Despite being a criminal lawyer, he still values the importance of law and justice. He sees the potential in Jesse and believes that he can use his intelligence for good, and this moment shows that Saul is not just a one-dimensional character.

2. Saul Goodman’s Hilarious Scheme: “Huell’s Escape”

5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked

When it comes to pulling off schemes, few characters can rival Saul Goodman, and one of his most memorable antics involves a certain employee of his named Huell in “Huell’s Escape”. When Saul’s bodyguard and assistant, Huell, is taken into police custody, Saul comes up with an outlandish plan to get him out. With the help of a fake photo and some clever wordplay, Saul manages to convince the DEA that Huell has disappeared. It’s a classic Saul moment, full of humor and quick thinking, and one of the show’s most entertaining scenes.

With his wit and intelligence, Saul outsmarts the DEA agents. He doesn’t panic or fold under pressure but instead comes up with a clever and hilarious solution to the problem at hand. The humor in the situation also adds to the appeal, as viewers are left laughing at the absurdity of the situation. Saul’s ability to think on his feet and come up with a plan that is both effective and entertaining is a true testament to his character and his role as a criminal lawyer.

1. “Say My Name”: Saul Introduced Heisenberg to the World

5 Best Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Moments Ranked

In what has become one of the most iconic scenes in Breaking Bad, Saul introduces Walter White to drug kingpin Declan as Heisenberg. This moment perfectly encapsulates Saul’s role as a fixer and the lengths he’ll go to get the job done. His quick thinking and slick tongue not only save Walter’s life but also establish Heisenberg as a force to be reckoned with in the criminal underworld. The line “Say my name” has become synonymous with the series and has even transcended pop culture. It’s a pivotal moment for both Saul and Walt, showing how far they have come and the power they now hold.

But it’s not just the introduction itself that makes this scene so great. It’s the way that Saul delivers it. In true Saul Goodman fashion, he adds his own flair to the moment, giving Heisenberg the entrance he deserves. The camera work and sound design also play a crucial role in this scene, with the camera zooming in on Walter’s face as the music intensifies, building up the suspense until Saul finally utters those three words.

What makes this scene so great is the way it highlights Saul’s character development throughout the series. We’ve seen him go from a sleazy lawyer who’s only concerned with money to someone who’s willing to stand up to dangerous criminals and help his clients in their time of need. This scene is the culmination of that development, as Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman shows just how far he’s come and how much he’s grown as a character.scenes in Breaking Bad

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