10 Interesting Behind the Scenes Secrets of “Hardcore Pawn”

10 Interesting Behind the Scenes Secrets of “Hardcore Pawn”

10 Interesting Behind the Scenes Secrets of “Hardcore Pawn”

Watching the show Hardcore Pawn you might the idea that the Gold’s are a family that don’t get along and would much rather be left alone to their own devices when it comes down to it. In fact some episodes it seems that Les, Seth, and Ashley are ready to rip each other to pieces. The truth of it though is that they are a very closely-knit family and tend to stick up for each other in order to run the business and to show a united front. The show has gone through a lot of different antics and looks as though it might have been staged several times along the way, but in all honesty there are some things that have happened that just defy even the conventional thought of reality TV and how it’s supposed to go at times.

Here’s a few interesting secrets you might not have known about the show.

10. The show is apparently unscripted.

That’s hard to believe with reality TV and has been for a long time, but if you listen to these people talk to each other you get the idea that some of the things they say are all too natural and aren’t the type of words that any writer would think up when trying to run a show’s dialogue. The Gold’s and the people around them sound about as legit as can be.

9. They wear the same clothes for a reason.

It has to do with continuity since some episodes can be shot over the course of a few days or so. Les has many of the same sweater that he wears and Ashley and Seth have the same outfits that are seen in just about every episode. It gives the illusion that it’s all happening in the same day.

8. They’re closer than they seem.

A lot of times you see this family yelling at one another as though they’re about to go to war. But there are still times that they’ll stand together and present a united front against people that try to take advantage of them or threaten them in any way. At the end of the day they’re still a family and will look out for each other.

7. Celebrities do show up from time to time.

This doesn’t seem too surprising since the show has been quite popular and has drawn a lot of attention. They might not get celebrities in every day but it’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t pop in from time to time, Detroit is a popular city after all.

6. Ashley started up her own business.

Ashley opened up her own online pawn shop, which seems like an odd business to contemplate since the traditional pawn shop is somewhere you walk in and look around. It seems though that she must have had her family’s blessing, otherwise it might have looked like she was trying to compete with them. But it does allow her to spend more time with her husband and kids.

5. They believe in being honest.

Back in the day and even now most people might laugh at the idea of an ‘honest’ pawnbroker. But the idea here is that the Gold’s don’t cheat people and they don’t raise interest rates without a good reason. They like to keep their people coming back and they enjoy the business too much to start cheating their customers. Considering that Les is a natural salesman they don’t need to cheat in order to make money.

4. They help uphold the law.

What this means is that when it comes to stolen goods being pawned off, which happens too frequently with pawnshops that don’t have a healthy set of morals, the shop is liable if it’s discovered that they’re dealing in stolen goods. The Gold’s are known for checking and re-checking everything they look at in order to make sure they’re not accepting ‘hot’ property.

3. Seth isn’t a greedy person.

He usually seems like he’s out to get the best deal he can for the business and screw over the customers, but the pawn shop doesn’t run on spending money, it runs on how much it can pay out while still making a healthy profit. If a person thinks they’re going to get top dollar for their items at a pawn shop they’re fooling themselves before they walk in the door. It’s not greed, it’s just business.

2. They used to buy things for themselves.

This can be seen on the show as Les and Seth have often bought things for their own personal collections. Unfortunately a pawnbroker that buys and buys without selling doesn’t do very well, so they eased back on that particular habit.

1. Les is a nice guy.

He comes off as kind of a rough and tumble trash-talker occasionally but Les is a genuinely good guy that loves his city and enjoys giving back when ever he can. Almost every show he’ll say something that makes people realize that he loves where he lives and works.

How real the show is remains up for debate, but it’s entertaining all the same.

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