Back 4 Blood: A Thrilling Spiritual Successor to Left 4 Dead

Back 4 Blood: A Thrilling Spiritual Successor to Left 4 Dead

Back 4 Blood is set to release this October, and with an open beta opening this month, the Halloween season is starting to creep up. A slew of horror games are coming out this fall, ready to correspond with the holiday, and Back 4 Blood is one of the biggest horror titles in the pipeline, getting gamers pumped. Gameplay trailers have shown that this game is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, which may confuse players into thinking it’s a sequel. However, it’s not an official sequel, but rather a spiritual successor. The original developers of Left 4 Dead started a new independent studio called Turtle Rock Studios and are building Back 4 Blood from the ground up. Left 4 Dead was originally published by Valve, who still hold the rights to the title. So, the developers at Turtle Rock Studio wanted to create something of their own and craft a new game that reflects what they do best: unleashing zombie destruction.

Back 4 Blood was initially unveiled at The Game Awards 2020, leaving a solid impression. This game will feature a 4-player co-op mode and an 8-player PVP mode. Players can use corruption cards to add fog to the map, increase their zombie horde, and increase the number of spawns. On the other hand, the cleaners will have card perks that modify health, stamina, and ammunition, among other things. The game takes place after a post-apocalyptic event that has transformed most of the population into flesh-eating ghouls called “The Ridden.” Meanwhile, surviving humans who haven’t turned are called “Cleaners,” and their job is to wipe out the zombie tsunami before it engulfs the entire planet.


Guns, Lots Of Guns

It’s easy to dismiss Back 4 Blood as just another zombie shooter, but there’s actually a lot of moving parts working under its hood. This game operates within the basic tendencies of a rogue-like IP with its unique card system. Game sessions will constantly change, with enemies spawning in different places and increasing the challenge based on the players’ performance. Players can play with either their friends or with A.I. bots. Upon launch, there won’t be an offline mode for this game, so players will need an online connection to fully play this title. Unfortunately, Back 4 Blood won’t have a split-screen option like Left 4 Dead had. All features will require an internet connection to play. This may drive some players away, but it’s not to say that this title won’t offer a robust multiplayer experience.

Players can stack up to 15 cards before every session to give them an edge. There are cards with enough flexibility to adjust to any playstyle. If a player prefers to use a melee weapon, there are cards to enhance that. If a player likes using guns, there are cards to add extra ammunition. Little things like that will be available to experiment with, making every match play out differently. Corruption cards will be used by the “Dynamic Game Director,” who oversees the match and changes the environment and gameplay mechanics to ensure a fresh experience with every playthrough. This is a different change of pace from playing the same static map with memorized spawn points that players can take advantage of. This game will offer a more organic experience with countless hours of replayability.

Tooth And Nail

Even though Back 4 Blood will prominently feature zombies, there will also be quite a few new menaces to deal with. The “Ridden” were once everyday people who were infected by parasites with alien origins that mutate them. There will be towering brutes, glue-spewing monsters, exploding carcasses, and alien pods. All of these enemy types come with varying degrees of difficulty, and they will definitely keep players on their toes. The action will never let up, and players will need to be constantly on the move to avoid being swarmed or one-shotted from behind. Standard headshots won’t be the silver bullet toward victory with this game; players will need to switch up their arsenal to avoid death. There will be a variety of enemy types that require teamwork and varying firepower to defeat. Players can find different weapons strewn about throughout the map and switch them out at their whim. Of course, different weapons come with assorted stats that will either hinder or help out the player while in a pinch, so they better choose wisely.

As of now, players can register for an open beta that will be launching from August 12 to August 16. Players who have already pre-ordered this game will have access to the beta a week early, from August 5th to August 9th. The beta will include two co-op maps and two PVP maps, giving players worldwide a good taste of what to expect with the finished product since it will cover all angles. On top of that, the Fort Hope community hub will also be accessible for players to try out. Of course, it is safe to assume that the developers at Turtle Rock Studios will await feedback from the players to polish up the game before its release this October. Also, stress-testing the servers will be another factor, especially since Back 4 Blood is going to be strictly an online offering.

Gnawing To Victory

Back 4 Blood is coming together quite nicely, and it won’t be too much longer before it drops. This game has a lot of content, a rich atmosphere, and blistering action that zombie aficionados will surely enjoy. The beta will provide some insights into how the card system will work and how the gameplay will feel. Of course, there will be tweaks to the game before it officially launches after the beta timeframe expires. Any player curious about what Back 4 Blood is about should check it out before this opportunity goes away. Back 4 Blood will be releasing for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on October 12.

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