Are We Ever Going to See Any More Alex Cross Movies?

Are We Ever Going to See Any More Alex Cross Movies?

Alex Cross

Tyler Perry seems like he’s going to be a very busy man in the near future, which could be one reason why there might not be another Alex Cross movie on the horizon. Of course Tambay Obenson of Shadow and Act seems to think it might still have potential and could possibly happen since it might feature Idris Elba instead and simply go forward. The story might have to evolve a bit it would seem but for Elba this might actually be a good shot at bringing something back since Alex Cross didn’t seem to do all that well at the box office. With all respects to Perry it could have had something to do with him being the lead star since he’s a good actor, director, and is an all-around skilled human being, but he still doesn’t have the same kind of pull as Elba does when it comes to action. People think of Tyler Perry they still think of Madea and while I’m not a fan of Madea I can admit that a lot of people tend to like her for reasons I’m still trying to figure out. But putting that aside it could be that Elba could breathe new life into the movie and bring it back from the brink where it seems to be hanging out at the moment.

Elba has been a pretty popular action star as of late but he’s been able to produce a lot of drama as well on screen since he’s played some very influential characters in his time. His role as Hiemdall was actually one of his least favorites it sounds like while playing Nelson Mandela sounds as though it was a good time for him. His role as Brixton on the action film Hobbs and Shaw was something that could have used a lot of improvement but the idea was sound. Plus, the way he was defeated seemed kind of contrived and didn’t offer as much of a challenge as a superior, enhanced soldier would need to really get his butt handed to him. As Alex Cross it seems as though he might get a better chance to play a role that would demand a lot more from him and give Elba the chance to stick to a more serious role that could keep him grounded and able to enjoy what he’s doing. The story of Alex Cross is a tragic one and as we’ve seen Elba can do tragic stories, but he can also be the avenging type that can freeze someone with a look.

If there’s another movie however, and that’s a big IF at this point, it’s kind of hard to imagine just when it would be coming out since even if it got started tomorrow we wouldn’t be likely to see it on the screen until well into 2020, possibly even 2021. But it does seem as though it’s not being given up on just yet, so there’s some hope that it will still get made. When that will happen is a big question mark but the what if seems to be answered by the idea that Perry would like to see it get made, it just might not be with him in the main role since the guy has a lot on his plate at this time. The matter of his studio opening not long ago has to be enough to keep him running about hither and yon even on a good day since it would seem there’s still a lot to do, a lot to set up, things to supervise, sign off on, and possibly direct unless he’s delegated certain aspects of the job to others. The point is that if there is another Alex Cross movie he probably won’t be a part of it unless he’s going to be producing or otherwise involved in a smaller way. If it doesn’t just get rebooted it would be kind of a surprise really unless he’s wanting to do it and is just waiting until he has the time. That could turn around and bite him though since he’s not a young man at this point and waiting too long could mean that he’ll be too old to really take the role back when that time comes.

Despite not doing all that well in the theaters as Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter states, Alex Cross is still a movie that people want to watch since some folks think it has enough value to enjoy. There are plenty of movies like this after all since some pictures tend to be given little if any respect from critics but are still loved by the people that go to watch them. Alex Cross still has enough fans that would gladly go to see another movie, so it’s not really a matter of if, but when. But seeing Idris Elba in the role would be kind of cool.

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