Anthony Hopkins’ “The Father” is Not Only Emotional but Also Mind-Provoking

Anthony Hopkins’ “The Father” is Not Only Emotional but Also Mind-Provoking

Anthony Hopkins’s movie “The Father” is a mind-blowing, emotionally moving, and profoundly touching drama film. It will have you in tears as it ends. In the movie, Anthony plays a retired opera singer who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The film focuses on his relationship with his wife and daughter as he struggles to keep up in day-to-day life.  He begins to forget where he has placed things like car keys or glasses. It makes him spend more time at home. This eventually leads him to leave for the hospital to help him diagnose what is wrong with him and get medication if needed. His wife soon becomes worried about taking care of their daughter without her husband around, which causes conflict between them.

This film is both exciting and sad to watch. It is emotional seeing the struggles of Hopkins’s character. Though, this makes it more realistic and draws your attention because you get to understand how his wife felt while watching her husband suffer from a disease that they have no control over. The aspect of Alzheimer’s Disease that is most prevalent throughout the film is forgetting where things are, especially locating his car keys. His mind is also a clear indicator of his condition as he fails to remember what day it is and doesn’t know how to fix the back door.

Lessons From the Father

The Father is a good recommendation film because not only does it portray the struggles that someone with Alzheimer’s Disease can go through, but also gives insight into their family life after his diagnosis. All is not lost as Hopkins teaches by taking a role despite his condition. For example, Hopkins’s wife in the story had a husband who was the same way. Hopkins’s final speech to Williams is a moment of clarity when Hopkins says to Williams, “I love you.” The film also depicts his wife’s struggles as she lives with a husband that can’t remember her. She had just recently lost him, and so many memories are taken away from them at this moment. Williams manages to find some clarity in their life together by writing down all the memories he has created with his father. The Father is a movie that shows the emotional side of life and tells us how to find peace and happiness through introspection. Anthony Hopkins’s performance in this film as an aging father with Alzheimer’s disease who forgets everything, his love for his son is so powerful because it showed both sides of love – giving and receiving.

The Father: Anthony Hopkins Outstanding Moment

Hopkins is in every scene in this movie, and he captivates the audience with his performance. The most memorable moment is when Williams tells his father about moving out of their home to receive care from a facility. You can see Hopkins’s character becoming emotional as he tells Williams, “He doesn’t remember me.” Even though he is struggling with the disease, Hopkins is still able to give an outstanding performance. You must like Anthony Hopkins in this movie. He is outstanding, and he has an emotional connection to his character. Anthony Hopkins gave an exceptional performance as a father who is there for his family, even when he can’t understand what is happening to him, and still knows what his son is going through stands out.

He’s an excellent example of someone who cares about others even when they have their struggles. If I were in that position, interacting with my dad like Hopkins would make me feel happy and content. His words show a deep level of vulnerability, which at times can be hard to watch as he struggles for the right words. His pain was so palpable that you wanted to reach out and tell him that it would be fine. But yet he still maintains his professionalism and delivers a breathtaking performance. His rawness in this film is attributed to the director’s level of empathy for his character and Hopkins’ willingness to appear without reservation.

The Sad Part of the Father Movie

The only downside to this movie is that it was a little slow, and you find yourself looking at your phone or looking around while watching some parts of the film. It can be possible if you have ever watched other movies with Hopkins, where he is usually more intense than his character. In The Father, it makes you feel underwhelmed by how the whole scene is directed. The characters also possess a rather dramatic mood swing that is either too much or not enough. The mother lacks patience with the daughter, and it seems like she never wants to let her go. The dad has some severe physical issues that he needs to work out before returning home. What is good about the father movie is how Hopkins takes up the role of a professor and an ex-writer. He is struggling to give a charming, endearing speech to his son. The best outcome of the movie is that Hopkins finally finds a way to express himself and how he feels about his family through this experience with his father.

Hopkin portrays soft emotions and feelings with a high level of openness. It’s this vulnerability that makes him a believable character. The feelings are depicted with open and raw honesty; it is profoundly moving in Hopkins’ performance. He draws different scenes and visualizes pictures that help him focus on essential parts of his life. He’s a man who is living in the past. The best recommendation is to watch this film with someone you love; discuss it afterward as it will be worth your time. Do not forget that some scenes can bring back memories of people in our lives whom we have lost. It’s also about how one person changes another person’s life. You are the light of my life, and I don’t know what to do without you.” Anthony Hopkins as Dr. John Bayliss in “Father” movie.

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