10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amanda Drury

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amanda Drury


Amanda Drury

Amanda Drury is a news anchor for CNBB who is best known for hosting programs that relate to business and finance. She is an interesting celebrity personality who has a highly successful career. We looked into her history and made some intriguing discoveries about her that the average viewer probably isn’t aware of. She has done a lot of amazing things on her road to success and here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Amanda Drury

1. She’s a native of Melbourne

Amanda Drury was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was raised in this area and received her education in the country of her birth. She went to school at Methodist Ladies’ College in Melbourne and graduated from the school in 1990. After completing her high-school education she attended the University of Melbourne where she studied Japanese and French, earning her bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

2. Amanda took her education a step further

With a degree in fine arts and a working knowledge of both French and Japanese, it seemed obvious that Drury was not planning to stay in Australia forever. She was developing a strong skill and knowledge base and continued with her education past the bachelor’s level. She had an interest in journalism so she went on to enroll in coursework at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. This would help to prepare her for a career in journalism.

3. Drury moved to Japan

With a good command of the Japanese language, Drury left her native Australia to take a job in international relations in Japan. This was a big move but she had spent years preparing from it. Her first job in the field of broadcasting career was in radio. While in Japan, she worked in Tokyo for Bloomberg from 1999 to 2000. This was a great experience and it also looked good on her resume.

4. Her big break came in 2001

Amanda Drury got the biggest break of her career in January of 2001. She was hired at CNBC at the network’s Asia-Pacific headquarters which was located in Singapore. She worked at this location for eight years before the company moved her in 2009 to the Sydney station. It wasn’t long before she was transferred to the global headquarters of CNBC in New Jersey. This was the launch of what would become a fantastic career in professional journalism.

5. CNBC promoted her

In May of 2010, CNBC made Amanda Drury the co-anchor of a program that was titled “The Call.” She was the co-presented of the US version of the program within a year. She also appeared on a variety of other CNBC shows and segments.

6. She was recognized for her contributions

Amanda Drury made a huge impression on her audiences while working at CNBC. Prior to moving to the USA division, she was officially recognized for her talents while working in the Asian arena. She was nominated for the Best News Presenter on two different occasions both in 2007, and again in 2008 by the Asian Television Awards. She advanced to the stage of finalist both times. Although she wasn’t the winner, the recognition was just a step below receiving the awards.

7. She has appeared as a guest on a variety of television series

Amanda Drury has become so famous and well-known that she has been invited to appear as herself on several different television series. She appeared as Mandy Drury in the tv series “Worldwide Exchange.” She ws also on “Now with Alex Wagner,” in 2014, as well as a guest on “Jansing & Co.” in 2012. She was a substitute co-anchor on the television series “Squawk Box” in 3013. She also appeared as the anchor of “Street Signs” and “Power Lunch” in 1996.

8. She is married with children

Amanda Drury seems to have it all. She has an amazing career and she is also a wife and mother. Although she likes to keep her family life as private as possible, she is enjoying the best of both worlds. She and her husband are the parents of two sons. Who says you can’t have it all?

9. Amanda represents Australia well

It has been said about Amanda Drury that she has the ideal Australian tone of voice. It is rather obvious where she grew up when you hear her report but her tone is posh and refined. She enunciates clearly with a strong and lovely tone that does an amazing job of representing the land of her birth. Drury has also served as the emcee of a variety of shows and awards ceremonies. Her voice is in high demand. She served in this capacity at the Cipriani Wall Street Australia’s Global Energy Awards. She also emceed the GE International and Annual Conference among others.

10. Amanda Drury is a rising star to keep your eye on

When we think about some of the great journalists of our time, the name Barbara Walters surfaces. She is a lady who blazed a path for women to come behind her in the field of journalism. We see this great potential in Amanda Drury as well. While she is still in her 30s and raising a family of two sons, she is still actively involved with her work at CNBC. She was transferred from New York to her home country of Australia at the headquarters in Sydney where she is still working for the network. She has come a long way in her career in the fifteen years that she has committed to the field of journalism. Amanda Drury is a young star that is still rising ever upward. There is something very special about the way that she reports and gives her perspective on their pieces she is assigned. We believe that the world is going to be hearing a lot more from her through the years because talent this intense is rare and she was certainly born to be a journalist.

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