10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amanda Brugel

Amanda Brugel

Amanda Brugel is an actress and a former dancer who is hitting it big in places such as Canada. She first began acting when she was only 21, and she’s been working hard at her job for the past two decades. She’s a household name in Canada, but she’s working on making sure that’s an American situation as well. She has most recently been able to get her name out there by starring in Hulu’s hit series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which is a hugely popular show people are loving to binge these days. She’s not just getting started, but she’s also nowhere near done with her career, and we want to get to know a bit more about her before she’s too famous for words.

1. She Quit Dancing For a Very Specific Reason

As a dancer, she thought she might spend the rest of her life showing off her skills on the dance floor, but her dreams were quickly changed. She wanted to, and she loved it, but she had a small problem. The problem was that she was not small. She grew so tall that she was taller than all of her partners, and while this is not a problem in the real world, it is a bit of an awkward situation in the dance community.

2. She’s Got A College Degree

Once she decided she was too tall to dance, she knew she wanted to find another way to turn her creativity into her career. She decided to attention the York University theatre program, where she was able to get a Fine Arts Scholarship. Tuition there is not cheap, and this helped her realize her dreams. She went on to obtain a stellar education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fin Arts back in 2000. She was only 22 at the time.

3. She’s Got A NonProfit

It was 2013 when she decided it was time for her to take her fame to another level. She began her own non profit organization called Brugs Army. She helps raise money to help women and children become better. She wants them to know they can do more. They are worth more. They can achieve anything they want, and she will help them out along the way as long as they are able to find the help they need through her organization. She’s looking to improve the world one woman and one child at a time, and she’s doing it.

4. She Recognizes Her Own Talent

Modest she is not. She’s a woman who knows she’s good at what she does, and she made it very clear to all the other women auditioning for her part in the hit Hulu series on which she stars. When she walked in to audition for Rita, the role she has now, she was quick to tell everyone else that they’d be better off just going home. Yes, she told them that they should go home. She wasn’t wrong, either. She got the part, though we’d hazard a guess she didn’t get any new friends in the waiting room of the audition.

5. Her Kids are Very Different

As the mother of two boys, she makes sure she doesn’t compare the two to one another, and that’s easy as they are so different. Her oldest son is super into sports like soccer. He’s what she calls ‘obsessed’ with the sport. Her younger son thinks that he is a California boy, and he’s all about surfing and being on the beach and being artistic. She makes it clear she spends time with each chasing their dreams and getting into the kind of stuff they love without forcing them into anything that just isn’t them.

6. She’s Hands-On

As a working mom in Hollywood, it’s easy to assume she’s not a hands-on mom. There are so many parents who have so much help they are like guests in the lives of their children, but not Amanda Brugel. She’s into their lives, their schedules, and their adventures all day long, but she tries hard not to come across as a controlling or overly protective.

7. She Almost Didn’t Get the Role of Rita

And it was not because she wasn’t talented enough to do the job. She is more than capable, and she’s the best for it. However, she had to get through to the producers to make them realize that they did not need a more recognizable name to play the role. They wanted an actress who everyone knows by name rather than by face, and she had to push them to realize that they didn’t want that as much as they wanted someone who was made for the role.

8. She’s Open About Her Struggles

In a world where everything has to be picture perfectly curated into small squares of preset perfection, she’s not a mom who acts like it’s all good all the time. She recognizes, very publicly on her social media platforms that being a mom is hard work — for all moms. Not just working moms. It’s hard for working moms. It’s hard for stay-at-home moms, single moms, single days, work-from-home parents, and everyone in between. She’s candid and honest about that.

9. She’s Adopted

Not entirely, but she is adopted. Her father adopted her when she was a child and married her mother. Her biological father is a man she’s never met and doesn’t know, but she doesn’t care, either. Her father is the man who raised and loved her, and she lost him not too long ago. The loss is hard and devastating for her, and she’s struggling with that.

10. She’s Married

We have so much love for someone in the spotlight who can keep their private life private, and she does an amazing job of that. She’s married to Marcel Lewis, and she has been since 2008. They are happily married, and they spend their time with their kids, keeping their lives as simple as possible even though she’s got such a public persona.

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