10 Intriguing Facts About Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood

10 Intriguing Facts About Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood

Aimee Lou Wood

Netflix’s hit show, Sex Education, returned for its second season in January, and fans couldn’t contain their excitement. The series delves into the lives of teenagers as they navigate their sexual desires, and one of the reasons for its massive popularity is the relatable characters, such as Aimee Gibbs, portrayed by Aimee Lou Wood. Her journey to sexual self-discovery has resonated with many viewers. But there’s more to Aimee Lou Wood than her on-screen persona. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about her.

1. Her Battle with Body Dysmorphic Disorder

According to Elle Magazine, Aimee struggled with Body Dysmorphic Disorder before being cast in Sex Education. This mental condition causes individuals to obsess over perceived flaws in their appearance. Aimee’s disorder stemmed from personal difficulties in school, where classmates compared her to British model Georgia Jagger. This led to her obsessing over her appearance and making harsh judgments about herself. With the help of a therapist, Aimee managed to overcome her disorder, even appearing semi-nude in the opening scene of the show. She continues to rely on her family for support when her condition resurfaces.

2. She Was Bullied in School

Aimee experienced emotional distress in school due to bullying. One of her bullies nicknamed her ‘Bugs Bunny,’ which contributed to her negative self-esteem. Despite the emotional turmoil, Aimee credits her experiences with giving her the thick skin needed to succeed as an actress. Years later, her bully apologized for making her school life miserable.

3. She is in a Relationship

Aimee is currently dating Connor Swindells, her co-star in Sex Education who plays Adam Groff. According to the Evening Standard, the couple met on set and have been together since 2018. Connor has been a supportive boyfriend, helping Aimee manage her disorder. Despite their awkward on-screen chemistry, their off-screen relationship is thriving.

4. She Attended Art School

Aimee Lou Wood studied acting at the Oxford School of Drama before graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2017 with a BA Degree in Acting. During her time at the academy, she participated in several productions, including Scuttlers, Vinegar Tom, and Summerfolk. Her performances in these plays played a significant role in landing her part in Sex Education.

5. Her Future in Directing Films

Aimee aspires to become a film director, idolizing Phoebe Waller-Bridge, known for directing Crashing and Fleabag. She hopes to follow in her idol’s footsteps and become one of the industry’s top female directors.

6. Her Problem with Ear-Wax Build-ups

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Aimee discussed her dislike for her ear-wax build-up, which sometimes results in temporary hearing difficulties. She jokingly suggests that her condition might be genetic.

7. Aimee’s Sexual Desires in Her Teenage Years

According to the Independent, Aimee’s teenage sexual experiences are one reason she enjoys playing Aimee Gibbs in Sex Education. She felt like a nymphomaniac during her teenage years but couldn’t discuss her sex life with friends, as they considered it taboo.

8. Her Eating Disorder

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Aimee shared her experience battling an eating disorder. She considered herself overweight and hated her body, leading to restrictive eating habits. With the help of her psychiatrist, Aimee is currently managing her condition.

9. Her Role in Uncle Vanya

In addition to Sex Education, Aimee recently landed a role in the British theatre play Uncle Vanya, a remake featuring renowned British actors like Richard Armitage. Anton Chekhov wrote the original play in 1899.

10. Her Hobbies

When not acting, Aimee enjoys watching films, singing, and flamenco dancing. One of her favorite actors is her Sex Education co-star, Asa Butterfield.

Final Thoughts

Sex Education has not only highlighted the challenges faced by teenagers but also allowed viewers to relate their past experiences to the lives of its characters, especially Aimee Gibbs. For many female fans, she is more than just a role, as they’ve learned so much from her. The facts above reveal the lesser-known aspects of this incredible actor.

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