A Harry Potter Reboot Could Be Happening

A Harry Potter Reboot Could Be Happening
A Harry Potter Reboot Could Be Happening

credit: Harry Potter

A Harry Potter reboot could be happening at Warner Bros., but it’s not certain. At most, it feels like a rumor that will come true eventually. One thing to note is that this will end up as a complete reboot. It will also seek to incorporate The Cursed Child into the story. 

Realizing that over a decade has passed since the last Harry Potter movie was released is an eye-opener for many people. 15 years ago, the franchise saw the final film hit the theaters, as the Fantastic Beasts movies aren’t included. 

Many people didn’t think that Harry Potter would ever take off. Once it did, many pundits were silenced for a while. But as with all franchises, one can’t help but agree that there were issues. The movies did not follow the books to the letter, as it was easy to predict. Plus, there were changes that fans of the books did not expect. 

Still, this didn’t manage to derail the movies. There were few, if any, major problems that came during the rise of the story. The death of the original Dumbledore actor was regrettable, but his replacement was convincing enough for fans. As to the overall story, critics were expected, but the fans usually drowned them out. 

A Harry Potter Reboot Could Be Happening

Ccedit: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

A reboot would not involve the main actors

A Harry Potter reboot has found root in fans’ minds over the last decade and more. People want to see this idea return, but they also want it done right. There’s plenty of pressure on whoever wants to take on this project since, like many fanbases, Potterheads are notoriously picky. 

The main actors will not return evidently. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint have all made it clear that they’ve cut ties with the author of the books, JK Rowling. The reason behind this is well known since Rowling’s statements concerning trans individuals have angered plenty of people. 

Unfortunately, this indicates to many fans and actors that the franchise is better off without her. The downside of this way of thinking is that separating a creator from their creation is not quite simple. Plus, fans are notorious for saying one thing and doing another. Even while condemning Rowling, many fans will still watch the reboot. 

JK Rowling’s involvement is expected

A collaboration with the famed author is expected to occur, and this feels necessary for good or ill. It’s a little too evident what happens when a creator is cut off from their creation. The relationship between George Lucas and Disney has made that rather clear. Cutting Rowling off from the Harry Potter franchise would undoubtedly cause more problems than it would solve. 

One can imagine what the fan base will have to say about this since many people still think that Rowling should step aside. Sadly, this shows a serious lack of awareness on the part of the fans. While the fan base is important, far too many people fail to realize that injecting politics of any sort into a movie can kill a franchise without fail. 

A Harry Potter Reboot Could Be Happening

credit: Harry Potter

A reboot could bring several ideas into the spotlight

There are quite a few ideas in the Harry Potter books that did not make it to the big screen. From scenes at the Dursleys to Dobbie’s greater involvement, there are many scenes in the books that fans want to see. A reboot might have the chance to highlight some of these moments. 

The story of Harry Potter and the world in which he lives is far larger than the movies have shown. By rebooting this idea, it could create a reaction among fans. Whether that reaction is positive or negative tends to rely heavily on how the director portrays each part of the story. 

It feels like it’s still early for a reboot, but there’s a good chance that such an idea would still require several years to take root. The work to bring the wizarding world back to life would need quite a bit of work to avoid copying too much. 

This idea could divide the fan base 

Harry Potter fans are not as sophisticated or as loyal as they like to believe. Like many other fans, they are devoted to the story they love, but they are also too easily swayed by what they see and hear. There are still plenty of fans that will stand behind Rowling, but many are bound to resist a reboot on basic principles. 

A reboot could easily bring the Potter franchise back to life and create a way forward from the original series. But the path forward will present a number of hurdles without any doubt. 

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