5 Reasons Why Some Fans Dislike Ginny Weasley

5 Reasons Why Some Fans Dislike Ginny Weasley

Credit: Warner Bros

Harry Potter has remained one of the most popular franchises among adults and children. This work of fiction is based on seven fantasy novels written by J. K. Rowling, which has been the entire childhood of many people. Once everyone embarked on this magical journey to Hogwarts, many friends were made, lessons were learned, battles were fought, relations were built, and hearts were broken. Nonetheless, the entire series has reserved a special place in the heart of millions of Potterheads. This is because many characters were introduced over the years; some won hearts, whereas others spiked hatred. 

Ginny Weasley, one of the franchise’s most prominent characters, has stirred mixed emotions among the fans. While some can’t stop appraising Harry’s badass love interest, others dislike this particular Weasley. 

Let’s look into the five primary reasons why HP enthusiasts hate the ‘book’ Ginny.

1. Many see her as a Mary-Sue

5 Reasons Why Some Fans Dislike Ginny Weasley

Credit: Warner Bros

Many people have called Ginny Mary Sue. People argue that being a strong quidditch player – a trait that runs in the family (please excuse Ron) – is not remarkable enough. Furthermore, being the most beautiful girl in school suddenly has nothing to do with the character’s genuine nature. What does weigh is the development a character undergoes, which in Ginny’s case is little to none. 

Some fans are particularly irritated by the fact that others fail to recognize the character’s weaknesses. How her terrible behavior is viewed as ‘badass’ rather than rude. Instead of being labeled insensitive or bitchy, her snarky remarks are lauded.

2. Her Jealousy 

Ginny’s obsession with Harry is no secret, but her portrayal of jealousy makes it much more apparent. Fans see it as toxic. Her hatred of Cho Chang was evident on several occasions, and there was only one reason: Harry’s interest in that Ravenclaw girl. Many fans have condemned Ginny for bad-mouthing Cho to persuade Harry to resent her.

Ginny’s glares at Gabrielle at Bill and Fleur’s wedding even more infuriate the fandom. Even though the girl was just around eleven years old,  it still sparked reactions from the redhead.

3. Her behavior toward Ron

Ginny was often a jerk to Ron, and people were never happy about it. In the Half-blood Prince, when Ron tries to be protective of her as an elder brother, she becomes enraged. She mocks him for never having his first kiss and continues to spite him. Not long after, in the same book, she gaslights Ron for hitting a girl during quidditch when it was an accident, but Ginny wouldn’t let it go. 

Fans have been furious that she wouldn’t be more mindful of his brother’s insecurities, and even though they are siblings, this still isn’t acceptable behavior.

4. Hexed people who annoyed her

5 Reasons Why Some Fans Dislike Ginny Weasley

Credit: Warner Bros

Ginny hexed people who annoyed her, which has been highlighted as another flaw in her character. She was a practitioner of Bat-Bogey Hex. In the half-blood prince, she hexed Zacharias Smith on the Hogwarts Express. She did so because he kept pestering her about what happened at the battle of ministries. However, people argue that just because you are annoyed is not a good enough reason to put a spell on someone. Since Zacharias was not violent or disrespectful, he was curious and persistent. This short-tempered and mean side of Ginny isn’t appreciated by many.

5. No actual plot relevance except for Harry’s love interest

Potterheads have complained that they were able to identify this evident flaw in J.K. Rowling’s writings. Some believe that the lack of development of Ginny’s character also lies in the fact that she was perhaps only created with the sole intention of providing Harry with a romantic partner. That’s why her shortcomings were often overlooked. Another proof is that Ginny gets an instant shift in her personality from the 5th book onwards. In the Half-Blood Prince, she is suddenly the girl that everyone seems to find incredibly ‘beautiful’; she is so talented all of a sudden and the new hot topic of Hogwarts. Fans have repeatedly found this unrealistic and thus have developed a distaste for the former girl for the lack of relevance.


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