10 Yoda Quotes to Awaken the Force Within You

10 Yoda Quotes to Awaken the Force Within You

If ever there was a wise character in film it was Yoda. He was a little quirky at times but eventually he turned out to be quite the sage when his wisdom was really needed. Out of all the Jedi he was undoubtedly the one that many would agree was among the most powerful and the one that should be listened to most carefully. Be it Luke Skywalker or the other Jedi that he was counseling at the time, Yoda had a tremendous amount of influence with the Force and in pop culture. So if these quotes don’t awaken the Force in you then it’s likely nothing will.

Mindful you should be.

10. You must unlearn what you have unlearned.

This is something along the lines of a full cup can hold no more water and many different variations upon that saying. If you don’t allow yourself to unlearn what you’ve learned then it’s not possible to learn anything new. By allowing yourself to unlearn you open up new possibilities that could take you in many different directions.

9. When you look at the dark side, careful you must be, for the dark side looks back.

This might be geared more towards the films, but really if you look into your own dark side you might find that it looks back at you with expectation, as though waiting to be released at a moment’s notice. So long as you recognize this then it becomes possible to keep it contained and therefore balanced.

8. Named must be your fear before banish it can.

If you have no idea what it is that keeps you from moving forward then taking that next step might just be impossible no matter how far you go. Something will always drag you back until you learn to name it and identify the fear for what it is.

7. Always pass on what you have learned.

Knowledge is one of the greatest gifts to ever be shared between one person and the next. It insures the future of those yet to come and gives hope to those that still remain. Without knowledge the past is destined to repeat itself without the hope of ever moving forward.

6. You fail because you don’t believe.

No matter what the belief is, it must be there simply because to be without it invites disaster that can come from having absolutely no faith in what you or anyone else can do. Belief is what has made humanity what we are today.

5. Patience you must have.

This is a tough one. In a world where patience seems to be something of a rarity instead of a virtue as it once did patience is no longer an abundant commodity that can be counted upon. Instead it’s a very swiftly fading resource that many people want but can’t seem to find.

4. Clear your mind.

This is yet another challenge that many people either cannot or don’t try to meet since it involves time, patience, and the understanding of what the individual needs in order to gain that peaceful state of mind that can allow them focus.

3. A challenge lifelong it is, not to bend fear into anger.

Anger is a swift step away from fear for some as being afraid of something makes many people quite angry. It’s a loss of control, of face, and of dignity that fuels some people to lash out in rage born of fear. It’s also a good way to lose that same control that many people never have.

2. Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.

If we were meant to see the future then time would be a very different thing by human standards. Yet if we could see the future we might still be in the same predicament largely because it would continue to shift and to change according to our actions.

1. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Many might argue against this point, as trying your best is what many tend to believe is good enough. But either you do something you want to do, or you don’t. In any case you keep moving forward.

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