5 Reasons why “Monster High: The Movie” might not be as Fang-tastic

Credit: Nickelodeon

It is evident that Nickelodeon has been on a budget for a while and has jumped on the bandwagon to make live-action reboots of its classics, just like Disney. However, they might have been doing it wrong in so many ways, and the fans are not happy about it.

The fashion doll franchise; Monster High, launched by Mattel in 2010, was an instant hit with successful sales. The animated series were later introduced to showcase the characters’ background stories, which only increased their popularity. As a result, the franchise landed a warm embrace from its targeted tween audience, which has continued to expand ever since. 

With a Live-Action Monster High Movie on its way this October, the fanbase has minimal expectations from the upcoming reboot. The trailer alone has raised many eyebrows into frowns, and many things are not sitting right with the ghoul enthusiasts. 

Here are five reasons why the Live-Action Musical might not get much action. 

1. A Wardrobe Disaster

Credit: Nickelodeon

The most fancied and loveable thing about the franchise has been the quirky attires and the spooky fashionista mood going on. Unfortunately, the fandom was utterly repulsed by the wardrobe choices made in the movie. Frankie without their bolts, Cleo robbed of her bandages and gold, Lagoona Blue no longer being blue, and Deuce without his shades altogether killed the vibe.

The netizens believe that the budget could have hardly been an issue regarding costumes since the cosplayers have been doing a much better job for years. However, many are simply confused by the art direction Brightlight Pictures took with this one. 

2. Clawdeen is the New Girl in Town

Credit: Nickelodeon

Frankie Stein had the new ghoul at school trope in the original Monster-High script, and it ultimately made sense since she was 15 days old, and this provided a perfect arc story for her character. However, in this third reboot, Clawdeen is seen as the half-human\half-werewolf who has been recently accepted into Monster High. Fans are not entirely sure how they feel about this. But one thing is for sure; they are already missing the classic backgrounds of their favorite monsters. 

3. Draculaura is a Witch

So apparently, Draculaura is not only missing her frills but also seems obsessed with magic. Furthermore, it is revealed in the teaser that magic is forbidden in the “Monster” world and is seen as more of a dirty human thing. This leads to a very sensible question: Who forgot the narrative that humans have been burning people for practicing witchcraft? Following that, did they forget Casta Fierce that easily? She was a witch. So some things are not adding up here.

4. Cleo and Deuce are no longer a couple

Credit: Nickelodeon

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the fandom is heartbroken over this breakup over the summer. Cleo and Deuce have been the power couple of Monster High for the longest time, and no one is ready to abandon their story. On top of that, the trailer hinted at a spark between Deuce and Clawdeen. This has raised mixed feelings essentially because Clawdeen Wolf was the only character in the original series who did not have a love interest or exhibit any desire in relationships other than friendship. The fans loved her fierce personality and disregard for a romantic interest, and they have had a hard time digesting this revelation.

5. Nickelodeon’s attempt at Descendants?

What made the spook series so unique were its diverse characters from all around the globe with unconventional character designs yet relatable story arcs. Although they were all monsters, they couldn’t have been more different in their eccentric identities. Many fans pointed out that the expected musical has been stripped off its early freakish charm, and this looks tragic. It seems as if Nickelodeon was trying to follow the footsteps of Descendants and Zombies, but in this venture, Monster High can be seen losing its free-spirited edge.


However, the fate of this movie is yet to be decided this Halloween season on October 6th. Monster High will be streaming on Paramount+ and playing on Nickelodeon channel.


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