10 Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Momsen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Momsen

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Taylor Momsen

You’re probably thinking you’ve heard the name Taylor Momsen somewhere unless you’re really up on who she is and what she’s done. But if you’re still searching for it then think about this, she’s the girl that played Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Yes, the attractive young woman you’re looking at was the little buck-toothed and optimistic young girl in the Jim Carrey comedy that everyone fell in love with. She’s grown up since then obviously and has been maintaining her career for the last several years and for all intents has been doing fairly well. It’s easy to turn around a couple of times and watch people grow up these days since a lot of them seem to age overnight into young adults. It’s always nice to see them beginning to create careers that are bound to last for a while though.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Taylor.

10. She knew nothing about the Grinch before auditioning for the movie.

Taylor didn’t read the book or watch the cartoon before she auditioned, meaning she went in without any knowledge of what was going on or who her character was bound to be. But all in all she was one of the more engaging characters in the movie and she played her part extremely well.

9. Her career started at age 3.

She starred in commercials at this time and obviously was considered to be a decent enough prospect to be kept around as her career didn’t seem to take off but she was still kept around in order to be counted as one of those that might one day be the kind of performer that was desired.

8. She formed her own band.

Music became a big part of Taylor’s life after a while and she went on to form her own band, named Pretty Reckless, an obvious play on words that is kind of witty when you really think about it. So far they’ve done fairly well for themselves.

7. Taylor has a few very famous idols that she credits as her inspiration.

Artists such as Robert Plant, John Lennon, and Kurt Cobain are among her favorites. Anytime you see a younger person seeking to use older artists as an inspiration it’s touching as well as inspiring since it’s a type of recognition that the greats were the ones that opened the door for other generations to walk through in terms of bringing their own music to the people in their own way.

6. Taylor quit Gossip Girl to focus on her music.

Sometimes a person has to prioritize and find out what’s really important to them and then go for it. She’s done the whole acting bit for a while and it would seem that when she made this decision she wanted to see how far her music career could go.

5. Her desire has been to major in Language Arts.

It’s great and actually further inspiring to find out that she wanted to educate herself and gain another skill so as to make herself just a little more knowledgeable. The one thing that any person needs in this world is an education, and quite honestly it’s the one thing that can come from the street or the books, though both tend to compliment one another if things go well.

4. She’s a smoker.

One thing about smokers is that they don’t like to be told not to smoke and they don’t like to be held as examples to others as a reason to not smoke. Instead they want to make the choice to smoke and be left alone just like anyone else. After all it’s their decision and no one else’s.

3. Taylor isn’t out to impress anyone, she’s out to live her life.

If more people were like this then life might be a lot simpler. The fact is that a lot of people are bound to try and impress others with what they can do, what they have, and how much of it they have. The point of life isn’t to see who has the most toys and who can be the best at anything, it’s to enjoy what you’re doing and perhaps revel in the competition that comes with it at times.

2. She hasn’t acted since 2012.

Either she wasn’t kidding about focusing on her music and staying away from acting or the band has been doing just fine and there’s really no reason to go back. It could be either to be honest but it could also be that she’s happy doing what she’s doing.

1. She was signed to IMG Models at 14.

Sometimes a person has to wonder if modeling is just the rite of passage that many people go through when it comes to acting, since honestly many celebrities seem to have gone this route.

Taylor Momsen has definitely grown up.

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