Discovering the Multifaceted World of Sports Journalist Kate Abdo

Discovering the Multifaceted World of Sports Journalist Kate Abdo

Discovering the Multifaceted World of Sports Journalist Kate Abdo

For soccer enthusiasts worldwide, the name Kate Abdo is synonymous with top-notch sports journalism. As an internationally acclaimed broadcaster, Abdo has covered numerous major soccer events, earning her a well-deserved reputation as one of the industry’s most respected voices.

Despite her high-profile career, Abdo has managed to keep many aspects of her personal life under wraps. However, there’s more to this talented sports journalist than meets the eye. Not only is Kate Abdo beautiful, intelligent, and skilled, but she’s also full of surprises.

Read on to uncover some lesser-known facts about her.

1. A Linguist at Heart: Bachelor’s Degree in European Languages

Kate Abdo 1

It’s not uncommon for people to work in fields unrelated to their academic background, and Kate Abdo is no exception. While she’s made a name for herself in the broadcasting world, her educational background is in European Languages.

Although there may not be an apparent connection between sports and linguistics, Abdo’s passion for languages has undoubtedly aided her in her work across various countries.

2. Soccer Runs in the Family

Kate Abdo 3

Soccer fandom is practically ingrained in Abdo’s DNA. Raised in a soccer-loving household, her parents instilled their passion for the sport in her from a young age. Abdo’s mother was a devoted Liverpool fan, while her father was a die-hard Manchester United supporter. With Liverpool and Manchester being rivals, one can only imagine the spirited debates that took place in their home.

3. A Stint at CNN



Landing a job at CNN early in one’s career is no small feat, but Abdo managed to do just that. She was one of the fortunate few to secure a position with CNN’s World Sports Program at the beginning of her career in London.

Abdo also spent some time working at CNN’s Atlanta location and remained with the company from 2009 to 2011.

4. A Polyglot: Fluent in Four Languages


Being able to speak multiple languages is a valuable asset in the international arena, and Kate Abdo has this skill in spades. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and German, which has undoubtedly come in handy when accurately pronouncing soccer players’ names.

5. A Proud Green Card Holder

Kate Abdo 2

In June 2019, Kate Abdo took to social media to express her excitement about receiving her green card. In an Instagram post, she statedGOT MY GREEN CARD ??? So grateful to @foxsports for believing in me and giving me my first opportunity here. Americans can be weird… You talk about Europe like it’s just one country… Hug people when you first meet them… Put too much ice in all drinks… Are obsessed with peanut butter… Go to the airport like you dressed for bed… Pronounce Craig like it’s Creg. But I got so much love for you and this country. Thank you for having me!”

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