10 Things You Didn’t Know about Haunted Hospitals

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Haunted Hospitals

Hospitals and retirement homes are insanely creepy at times since, even if it’s a bit melodramatic, the spirit of death seems to stalk the halls at times, as though roving about to pluck forth those that are ready for its embrace and to check up on those whose time might be growing short. In Haunted Hospitals the cast that do the examining of the location are finding old, abandoned hospitals that have sat for an indeterminate amount of time and are either empty or still have a fair amount of items in them. While it seems strange why any empty building would have anything left, it does make for a more dramatic and overall terrifying experience since the phenomena that occurs on the show seem to make use of the many different objects that are scattered throughout each building.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. The stories deal with firsthand accounts of paranormal activity.

Doctors, orderlies, and anyone that had to work in these buildings before they closed have been gathered to tell the stories that they’ve kept to themselves for a lot of years since they might not have known to relay the strange happenings or were worried that no one would believe them.

9. So far critical response hasn’t been that great.

In some ways it seems that people are just burned out on paranormal shows since so many people have attempted to bring their own ‘expertise’ to bear and almost always have a medium on hand that’s either questionable in their abilities or else is legitimate but seems inclined to go along with the theme of the show. A lot of folks have expressed disappointment.

8. There are 13 episodes to the show.

Either interest hasn’t been great enough or there is a need to compile more data and film as the crew travels to different locations in order to find something, anything, that will make the show pop just a little more. Unfortunately reality shows like this are becoming a dime a dozen if they’re not already.

7. A small group of paranormal experts travel into the abandoned hospitals in search of ghostly phenomena.

There aren’t that many that venture into the buildings, much as there aren’t in any other show it would seem. Some mediums might state that spirits will hide from too many people, or will take the time and effort to start singling people out. It all depends on what direction the show chooses to go.

6. It could be that it gains critical response for a reason.

In regards to how real it seems there is an eerie quality to the locations that the show visits and while in the daytime it’s lessened, in the dark it become almost too haunting for some people since the darkness seems to amplify the shadows that lay within each of the buildings.

5. There’s not a lot about the show on the internet.

The articles you can find say almost exactly the same thing and give the dates and times the show was on. But apart from this it’s almost as though you have to watch the show to really get the gist of it. That’s smart on their part really, but it doesn’t tell anyone much or give them an extra push to go and watch it.

4. Paranormal occurrences tend to get a very bad reputation from shows such as this.

People might want to argue and it’s warranted but honestly and truly the realm of the supernatural does get a bad reputation from shows like this since about half of them seem fake and the other half seem as though they might be genuine, but then you have to stop and think about how easy it would be to have someone in the distance make the show just a little better through some clever sort of subterfuge.

3. Some of the disturbances seem a bit staged.

It doesn’t help when one of the investigators is down a corridor and ‘suddenly’ a noise is heard back from the way they came. While this might scare the living hell out of some people it would make others roll their eyes since it doesn’t seem to indicate anything except that someone is trying to make the show a little more exciting.

2. It’s natural to find a place in which people died creepy.

The idea of walking through a place where people have passed on is a bit unnerving since if you believe it a part of them can easily be left behind. The only trouble is that you have no idea which part until things start to happen.

1. The show has featured heavily in Ireland and the UK.

It did widen its coverage to extend to those abroad that might enjoy a good story about ghosts.

Believe what you want to believe, but walking into some of those places would be utterly creepy.

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