10 Reasons Why We Hope an “Iron Man 4” Never Happens

10 Reasons Why We Hope an “Iron Man 4” Never Happens

10 Reasons Why We Hope an “Iron Man 4” Never Happens

It’s just those of us here at TVOvermind that think Iron Man 4 shouldn’t, or won’t, ever happen, Sean O’Connell at CinemaBlend seems to think it won’t happen either and for very good reasons. The first Avenger to make it to the big screen is definitely a great draw for the brand and has been for a while now, but it might be time to put up the suit and let someone else have a try. After all Marvel comics has been trying to move on from the older heroes to save some face and introduce new ideas, and it would seem that MCU is too. As Q.V. Hough of ScreenRant and others have already reported on, there is a new face in the MCU that Feige is going to be trying to push, and Iron Man’s alias Tony Stark could be on his way out. That and the fact that Iron Man has already done so much in the MCU seems to indicate that his time is up and it’s just time to head off into the sunset with Pepper Potts and enjoy a nice quiet life doing nothing more strenuous than possibly funding the Avengers from afar if he so chooses.

Of course it might not be that simple, but there are still reasons we don’t really feel the need to see another movie.

10. The core Avengers that started the MCU all have three standalone movies.

Shawn S. Lealos of ScreenRant puts a point on it when he says that the major MCU stars have had cameos in just about every MCU movie, but when it comes down to it, the truth is that they really only have three standalone movies to themselves in which none of the other heroes appears. Making a fourth would either set Iron Man up to be the standout or would inspire more to done with the other heroes.

9. Keeping him might be too spendy.

Robert Downey Jr. has been pulling down a hefty paycheck since the first movie and each appearance has only been getting more expensive since then. The MCU might be looking to pay someone else the big bucks soon and his contract seems to come with a huge price tag.

8. It’s time to let a new hero take the lead.

Captain Marvel seems to be the one hero that Feige and many other people want to see lead the MCU now and whether it happens that way or not Iron Man has done his time and is now kind of needing to step aside.

7. In the comics Iron Man has already given way to a new hero.

Some folks actually want to see Riri Williams from the comics step in and take Tony Stark’s spot simply because she is in many ways just like him apart from the alcoholism and the debauchery. It could work if it was done right.

6. Unless it’s going to introduce the REAL Mandarin then there’s no point to another movie.

Face it, if you’re an Iron Man fan then you remember the legendary battles that he had with the actual Mandarin whose rings weren’t just props and were able to unleash untold power that Iron Man had to fight against more than once. In other words, the appearance of this dreaded enemy in Iron Man 3 was a big letdown.

5. At this point Iron Man is better as a mentor than a hero.

The more of a beating he takes the more it’s obvious that Iron Man shouldn’t be able to get back up and keep going, and at this point it would seem that he’s better off as a mentor to the newer and younger Avengers than anything.

4. Robert Downey Jr. is starting to get kind of old.

The actor is nearing that point when it seems reasonable to think about either parting ways with the superhero world for the most part or retiring, and since the latter doesn’t feel realistic it might be best if he at least moves aside.

3. Iron Man/Tony Stark would need to settle down or go back to his old ways.

As a character he’s gone through a lot of development over the years and has come from being a playboy billionaire that drinks too much and parties all the time to someone that’s actually reliable and ready to settle down. If he keeps going he might need a relapse to stay interesting.

2. It’d be better to focus on the Avengers for now and their growing ranks.

Quite honestly the Avengers should be one of the bigger focal points of the MCU since the team is a big cash cow and they are needing to diversify and find more members in the wake of Infinity War and likely even Endgame to start rounding things out.

1. Like it or not, the sequels weren’t as good as the original and have been headed downhill in terms of story.

Even if the sequels made money their villains were highly forgettable and the story lines were just good enough to be remembered, not much more. Iron Man, the original movie, was great as an origin story but from there he needed to be part of the Avengers, end of story.

If it does come it’s going to be another downward slide it feels like.

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