Why We’ll Be Watching the Movie “Adverse”

Why We’ll Be Watching the Movie “Adverse”

Why We’ll Be Watching the Movie “Adverse”

Do you get the feeling that people might empathize with this movie in a big way? It feels like a while since we’ve really seen Thomas Nicholas do much of anything, but apparently the guy has been staying rather busy since he’s been working steadily over the last decade or so. But when he plays the part of a strung-out looking individual that’s driving an Uber, or Lyft, or something else, it’s hard to say, it would appear that he’s just a regular working guy that ferries people from one place to another, so basically a driver, as many would know such individuals. The only problem with being a driver is that much like any customer-oriented business, one has to deal with people and therefore deal with a lot of issues, most of them personal that one might not want anything to do with. But when his sister is threatened by a crime syndicate he makes up his mind to not sit back as many people might do and hope things might get better. Instead, he takes the fight to the syndicate, and in the process sparks off something that is bound to get him and his sister killed unless he’s extremely lucky or just that good. Anyone looking at Thomas Nicholas is bound to assume that, much as he was in the American Pie movies, he’s not especially intimidating, even when he has a tire iron in his hand. But a desperate man with something to fight for is going to be a lot tougher to deal with than one that’s broken and beaten.

Adverse shows what a lot of people would like to do when it comes to dealing with crime, even if the law doesn’t allow for it. There are problems with this kind of behavior of course, and one of the biggest problems is that it’s the type of behavior that’s more likely to get a person killed than get them any type of justice. The fact that he takes after so many people with a weapon isn’t a purely negative reaction since it’s what a lot of people would love to do to those that hurt those they care about, but it’s something that a lot of us don’t do because we’re too worried about the rights of the criminals and the fact that the law would come down harder on those that are doing the attacking than those who are guilty of the harm that initiated the attack. Just looking at the trailer it would appear that this is going to be a very emotionally-charged movie that could easily pull at the heartstrings since drugs are still a huge problem in the nation that a lot of people deal with and feel the negative repercussions from.

Just looking at the trailer it feels safe to say that this movie is going to be one that might not be understood or liked by a lot of people simply because the realism hits a little too hard and the action might not be the type that they’re expecting. That could be a good thing though since there are too many movies out there in which the action sequences are so choreographed that they absolutely have to fit into the movie so that it doesn’t look so staged. Raw action that brings to mind the frenzied, uncertain actions taken by those that know how to swing something heavy but don’t really know how to fight is sometimes preferable since it conveys a lot more realism considering that when taking five people off the street it’s very likely that only one or two of them will know how to fight and how to protect themselves in any significant way. The idea of bringing that limited type of fighting experience to a movie like this is far better since it gives the audience the feeling that the main character is out to deliver some punishment, but is largely unskilled and is going to be seeking to dish out that punishment quick and without getting too roughed up in the process. Obviously this isn’t how a street fight tends to go since both combatants tend to get lumped up and no one will be walking away without a few bruises and/or cuts. That appears to be the case in this movie since the trailer shows how the main character is going to be getting messed up along with the people he’s going after, which is likely going to be better for the overall story.

Without having seen it yet this would still be a recommendation just to see how Thomas ends up doing in the movie since it could be something that really gets him noticed once again in a big way. Seeing how it’s won so many awards at this point it’s hard to see how that might be possible.

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