Why The Matrix’s Merovingian Deserves a Solo Movie

Why The Matrix’s Merovingian Deserves a Solo Movie

Why The Matrix’s Merovingian Deserves a Solo Movie

For some folks, it would be easy to call the Merovingian a villain and be done with it since he’s not a nice guy and he’s fully capable of being one of the most devious characters in The Matrix movies. But there is a little more complexity to this character than that since he will weigh his options now and again instead of bulling ahead in order to fulfill his own desires. It might be argued that he’s kind of spineless since he only really gave Neo back to his companions after having a gun held to his head. But when taking into consideration how much worse the Merovingian could make life very difficult for the group in the movies by diming them out to the Agents, it’s fair to say that he’s more of an anti-villain that might deserve an origin story at some point. Some might want to think that this is a crazy proposition simply because when we meet this character he’s about as despicable of a person as anyone can imagine since he not only makes a woman reach orgasm by manipulating a line of code, but he also flatly refuses to help since it’s not in his interest to do so. He is a powerful character after all, and causality is his entire thing and what he firmly believes in. But he also believes in keeping what he feels is his, and as a result, he’s not the guy to ask for anything since the price is usually going to be beyond what anyone wants to pay, or he’ll simply say no when he feels like it.

But Persephone did mention that he was different once, so perhaps it would be nice to see what he was like when the Matrix was first created when he didn’t have a different purpose, but maybe wasn’t so jaded, and so twisted. It does sound as though the Merovingian is an important program within the Matrix, so it’s entirely possible that after the war kicked off that things happened, he went off on his own, and started collecting his exiles and information only to become a kind of despot in his own right. Seeing how he started out would be kind of fun since it might be a completely different perspective, which would hopefully lead towards the explanation of why he became such an antagonistic person. Plus, there might be room in there to see some of these ‘predecessors’ that he tells Neo about. It would likely mean bringing Keanu back again, or perhaps inserting digital images of him at some point. But it’s still fun to think about since it could go a long way toward filling in some of the gaps that have been spoken of over the years but have never been fully closed when it comes to the Matrix and how it operated to start with. There’s been a great deal of discussion over how the system came to be, and mention of how the first Matrix failed, and the second didn’t fare much better. The machines have been working to perfect the world that was left to them, and learning what’s been going on within the digital world, one of the last bastions in a world that is likely dead and wouldn’t return for quite some time.

There’s not much doubt that some fans would rather keep the mystery and not bother with rehashing the stories of the many different characters, but it also feels as though they would be in the minority since a lot of people would want to hear the story of how certain characters came to be. The idea of seeing how Seraph used to work for the Merovingian and what it took to finally step away from his service would be intriguing, especially since Seraph went on to protect the one individual that the Merovingian wanted to be eradicated so that he might take her place, the Oracle. Just imagining what the world within the Matrix would look like if such a thing were to happen is enough to bring up images of a rather chaotic landscape in which information is the most expensive currency, which it kind of is anyway, and in which decadence is the norm. But an origin story would be a lot better and likely easier to do unless of course the story would see how the Merovingian was released from assimilation like everyone else following the third movie.

Maybe his attitude would change upon being freed? It’s doubtful, but things are bound to change anyway in the Matrix as the next movie advances things, and if the Merovingian shows up again it does feel as though he’s going to be in a foul mood. But between a continuation of his existence and an origin story, an origin would be far more enticing.

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