Why The Kitchen Table Only Had Three Chairs on “The Golden Girls”

Why The Kitchen Table Only Had Three Chairs on “The Golden Girls”

Why The Kitchen Table Only Had Three Chairs on “The Golden Girls”

The Golden Girls is arguably one of the most memorable sitcoms of all time, and that is entirely thanks to the show’s unforgettable main characters. The four-woman who made up the group, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, were as funny, quirky, and entertaining as they come. The show was set primarily in the home the women lived in and many of the scenes took place in the kitchen. However, people who have watched many episodes of the series probably realized something interesting. Although there were four people living in the house, the kitchen table only had three chairs. Interestingly enough, the reason for this is something that most viewers probably never considered. Keep reading to find out why the kitchen table on The Golden Girls only had three chairs.

Where Was The Fourth Chair?

Sitting around the kitchen table is something that lots of people do in real life. So, the fact that the Golden Girls spent a lot of their time shooting the breeze in the kitchen was not unusual. However, the fact that there weren’t enough chairs for everyone was a little odd. Not only because there were four people in the house, but because most dining sets come with four chairs. When it comes to The Golden Girls, however, the reason for the missing chair was actually pretty simple. Only having three chairs was necessary in order to properly film scenes in the kitchen. According to an article from Looper, “The reason lies in the logistics of camera placement vis a vis blocking out actor positions and movement for this kind of TV show. If a chair was placed at the table with its back to the audience, and an actor sat there, well, you see where we’re going with this, right? No audience wants to spend time looking at the back of their favorite character’s head. And no actor wants to spend time facing away from their friend the camera.” In order not to draw attention to the fact that there weren’t enough chairs, the production team made sure that, if all four women were in a scene in the kitchen, one would be busy doing something so she wouldn’t have to sit at the table. Despite the fact that all four of the women were never at the table at the same time, the kitchen holds some of the show’s most memorable scenes and its image will forever be etched in the minds of Golden Girls fans everywhere. Jim Colucci, who was the assistant art director on The Golden Girls, wrote a book titled Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai which reveals several other interesting details from behind the scenes of the show.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Girls Reboot?

Although some people have expressed an interest in seeing a reboot of the show, that’s probably never going to happen. The series creator, Susan Harris, has already made it clear that recreating the show isn’t in the plans – at all. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harris said, “They’ve wanted to do Golden Girls the Musical and re-do Golden Girls, and we’ve always said no because Golden Girls would not be Golden Girls without that cast”. While some people may be disappointed by this, the truth is that it’s probably for the best. Most reboots tend to be disappointing and a failed reboot could easily tarnish the legacy of the show that so many people love.

The Legacy of The Golden Girls

When The Golden Girls debuted in 1985, nobody probably imagine that it would eventually become a timeless classic. On the surface, it may have seemed like the show would only appeal to a small demographic of people, but it actually had a universal appeal. Even though it’s been almost 30 years to the day that The Golden Girls aired its last episode, the show continues to be fondly remembered and that will probably be the case for years to come. In an industry where it’s somewhat uncommon to see middle-aged women star in a popular sitcom, the cast of The Golden Girls certainly broke the mold. Even though all of the show’s stars had long and successful careers prior to the show, being part of The Golden Girls is what they all have become best known for. With the passing of Betty White, all four of the women have now passed on, but their legacy continues to live on through the series and other projects they worked on over the years.Betty White

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