Why Megan Fox Would Make a Perfect Poison Ivy for the DCEU

Why Megan Fox Would Make a Perfect Poison Ivy for the DCEU

Why Megan Fox Would Make a Perfect Poison Ivy for the DCEU

If there’s one thing to learn about the internet, and there’s a lot, never doubt, it’s that there is A LOT of repetition when it comes to the fans and those that think that they have something unique to say. Take the idea of Megan Fox being given the role of Poison Ivy in the DCEU as many people appear to want; people have been repeating themselves ever since the idea was brought up again and it’s bound to keep happening for a while since for one reason or another the minds of those that want to comment on this get stuck on ‘repeat popular tweets’ and don’t tend to get unstuck until the matter has been settled or forgotten. Would Megan Fox be a decent Poison Ivy? Yeah, it’s very likely that she would, and it’s even possible that she would be able to match up with Margot Robbie’s character of Harley Quinn, but good lord, hearing about it in triplicate every other minute is going to get old very quickly. There are a few reasons why she would make a good Poison Ivy, and one of them is pretty obvious.

Whether it’s because she has the type of acting talent that people don’t think needs to expand or that she’s simply an actress that has one goal in terms of her career, her sultry vixen act is the best thing that Fox has going at the moment. There’s nothing sexist about it since from the standpoint of simply observing the actress this is the type of role that she’s best in, since she’s not the same type of action star that other women have proven to be in the recent past, nor is she someone that’s particularly skilled at drama. Megan is a gorgeous woman, and as such the part of Poison Ivy is definitely right for her in this respect. All she has to do now is research the character, which wouldn’t be too hard since she is a comic book lover like many others, and create her own take on the role.

Many are citing the idea that she’d be great with Margot Robbie, who apparently has already been pushing the idea of bringing Poison Ivy to the big screen. It’s kind of easy to wonder if Uma  Thurman knocked the desire for this character out of Warner Bros. but to be honest that movie happened so long ago that one would think that WB would be willing to take a chance once again. Plus, Fox might exemplify the green-skinned villain a little better than Thurman did, as she was kind of an odd choice for the role in the first place, especially since she was paired with Bane of all people. The fans have spoken though, and they definitely want to see Fox, who many think has been treated like trash, take on the role of this particular Batman villain. The question though is whether she would come into contact with the dark knight or if she’d be part of the cast for a Gotham City Sirens movie, and whether she and Harley Quinn would just be friends or they would be romantically involved as so many wish to see.

There are a lot of questions when it comes to this idea, but most of them appear to be more academic than anything since people want it to happen, but they don’t know if it ever will. As to Fox being treated like trash, there are plenty of allegations pointing to this that make sense, but few that will go ahead and admit that she’s acted poorly in the past, meaning she’s earned some of the ill will that’s come her way. It’s becoming very typical for fans to stand up for celebrities when it comes to their poor behavior, especially when the celebrities make it appear that they’ve been unfairly targeted for one reason or another. Fox has definitely been discounted and dissed throughout her career, but if there’s one thing she hasn’t been the entire time, it’s innocent. But letting go of that, it might be that this role would allow her to get back into the good graces of the fans and the Hollywood elite since it could elevate her in a manner that might finally go a long way towards securing her spot at the top.

For all those that want to think that she should have been at the top already, yeah, no. Fox isn’t the worst actress to ever come along in the history of Hollywood, but she’s far from the best, and that thought has been cemented in a big way over the years. Should she be allowed to take on the role of Poison Ivy though it might be that she’ll find herself back in the headlines in a positive light once again.

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