Why Mark Cuban Invested $80,000 in The Shower Toga on Shark Tank

Why Mark Cuban Invested $80,000 in The Shower Toga on Shark Tank

There are a lot of ideas that come across the judges panel on Shark Tank and there are some real doozies that you can’t help but shake your head at. More than is one invention that convinced Mark Cuban to invest $80,000 into it, the Shower Toga. He’s not alone in his investment as judge Webb was convinced to go in on it with him as well. Judge O’Leary was a bit harder to convince since he continued to press the idea that the Shower Toga, which has apparently racked up $80,000 in sales and has been shown interest by several people, is really nothing more than a jumped-up garbage bag with a string attached to it. That might seem harsh but when you figure out what the Shower Toga is you might need a little convincing or you might think that it’s worth the money and the risk.

Honestly the device seems like something that might have come to be out of necessity but might not be around after a while when it’s shown to be a luxury instead of a necessity. The background behind it seems sound enough since the inventor did go into the different uses that it could fulfill. In other words it could offer a place to shower by covering the body of the user and allow them to rinse off and clean themselves when there are no other options, it could hold one’s dirty clothing, and it could even act as a comfort blanket of sorts since a person could perhaps use it as a means of finding a place to just curl up in. That sounds like quite the product, and something that might be worth investing money into.

It is kind of based on an idea that people would use it in public places and in a way that was primarily for cleaning themselves, but it also seems as though there could be a great deal of competition, and more than just a garbage bag as O’Leary continued to state. The argument that the inventor made for refuting O’Leary’s statement however is that garbage bags have slits on the side and gaps, which is a rather hard image to process since if garbage bags did in fact have these features then they wouldn’t be all that effective. Far from being the type of person that would glady shoot an idea down, it  does seem to me that Peterson, the inventor, might have been making an erroneous statement. Her follow-up statement, that comparing her invention to a garbage bag is like calling a balloon a condom, is still kind of awkward. On one hand the function would still work with either product, but as you can guess many people wouldn’t bother confusing the two.

The Shower Toga is essentially a bag with a string on it, as O’Leary said, but overall if it makes people feel more secure then it might be worth their money, as it’s already been seen. To be perfectly honest however it does seem to be one of the many products that came out of a good idea and yet might be on its way out when people realize that they can buy or create a portable shower stall, something that can collapse and be stored without much trouble, for a fraction of the cost. Again, it’s a good idea, and it’s something that seems as though it might be something that could be of some interest for a while, but after its time has passed it would seem that it might have been something that started a positive movement towards portable covers that can help people that are in areas that have absolutely no way to let people clean themselves or no viable option, meaning non-functional or non-hygenic facilities that people can’t be bothered to use.

But there are failings of this product as well since it obviously needs a water source to be used in its primary function. It can still be used for storing dirty clothing and possibly as a comfort pouch, but as a means of cleaning a person’s body it would still require that a person has access to a water source or would be able to cart their own water source around with them. It’s kind of hard to figure out how Cuban and the other judges wouldn’t see these glaring holes in the product that would make them at least think of the risk and why it might be an outdated concept eventually, but then the rest of us might see something completely different. The idea is sound enough, but it does seem as though it might be an idea that is a beginning, not the endpoint that might one day come along. In that vein, investing the kind of money they’ve put into it might seem kind of odd to some folks.

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