Which South Park Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which South Park Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which South Park Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

When it debuted in 1997, few would have predicted the success of South Park. It’s since become the second-longest running animated sitcom (second only to The Simpsons), with a universe of games, merchandise, and movies. But who in that universe represents your sign? It’s time to find out!

Aries – Randy Marsh

Aries, you’re free-spirited, fun, and fiery. As the very first sign of the zodiac, you can lean irresponsible and immature at times, but you always manage to win people back with your charisma and outgoing nature. You tend to only dwell on things for a few moments, which can lead to poor-decision making, so always take a beat to acknowledge if it’s really what you want. Just like Randy, you’re outspoken and live for a little bit of drama. Keep being your fiery self!

Taurus – Kenny McCormick

You’re consistent, Taurus. And what you may lack in energy or flash, is made up for with heart and loyalty. Much like Kenny, you can be a buffer for bigger personalities, which is arguably the most important part of a friend group. People might have a tendency to take you for granted, since you’re an adventurous spirit, but don’t let it get to you. You’re the foundation of our friendships, and often keep us together in times of trouble.

Gemini – Kyle Broflovski

You can’t help it, Gemini, you’re a little high strung. You can get irritated easily, but you’re also quick to charm (which makes you lovely company). As an air sign, you’re pretty adaptable, and you’re relentlessly ambitious. Like Kyle, you can be intellectual or get lit; impulsive or contemplative. It really just depends on how you feel on the day. But that’s your duality, Gemini, and it’s often more of a gift than a curse.

Cancer – Mr./Mrs. Garrison

Cancer, you can be emotionally turbulent. You feel a lot, and you’re painstakingly sentimental. Just like Mr./Mrs. Garrison, you can often get carried away in your own issues or problems. When you feel threatened, you can become completely self-absorbed, but you’re also capable of deep affection. You may have a tendency towards anxiety, or dwelling on the past, but keep looking forward; your future is brighter than your past.

Leo – Stan Marsh

You’re a fan-favorite, Leo. You can draw crowds, lead crowds, or destroy crowds. As the sign of the lion, you’re not afraid to speak up and speak out. You are confident (at least on the outside), but don’t let that confidence turn into ego. That’s the big flaw for you, Leo; your self-serving tendencies. But while that may be true, you are a natural caretaker, and no one protects family like you do.

Virgo – Tweek

Go easy on yourself, Virgo. You can often be highly critical of your own actions and decisions. You’re a hard worker, and you keep your head down, but remember to enjoy the moments you have. Much like Tweek, you can be paranoid and worrisome, but that will vanish with some positive self-esteem. Keep bossing, Virgo, but don’t forget to reflect on what you’ve got; not just where you’re going.

Libra – Sharon Marsh

Libra, you have no time for the tomfoolery that surrounds you. You’re inherently peaceful and diplomatic, but you have a tendency to lean into your self-pitying nature. Like Sharon, you’re a romantic at heart, who can be drawn to chaos. You enjoy balancing out a situation, and make for great party company. Don’t let people wear you out, Libra, you’re essential to sanity of the rest of us!

Scorpio – Token

You tend to be skeptical, Scorpio, and you hold a grudge like no one else I’ve ever met. And while you might seem secretive and mysterious, you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re intense, passionate, and committed to the people you love. Often, you can be susceptible to negative self-esteem, because of your brooding nature. Keep your head high, Scorpio, and never stop with your trademark sarcasm!

Sagittarius – Jimmy Valmer

Sagittarius, behind your fire sign tendencies, you have a heart of gold. You are blunt, and often make great comedians. But while your authenticity may be funny, be sure to protect yourself from people taking advantage of your naive nature. You’re an optimist at heart, and never say no to a night out with friends. You’re not always the main character, but you know how to find the light when it’s your turn to shine!

Capricorn – Craig

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, Capricorn, that you’re Craig. He’s straight-forward, intelligent, and always stays out of trouble. While you love a good party, your energy is spent more efficiently working on your side hustle or preparing for the worst possible situation. You’re never caught off guard, Capricorn. And while your pessimistic nature can protect your feelings at times, don’t forget to open up; that’s how we form meaningful connections.

Aquarius – Eric Cartman

You don’t have to be an evil genius to resemble Cartman, Aquarius. He’s temperamental and outspoken, never afraid to go against the grain to accomplish his goals. He’s a misguided Aquarius, whose quest for one million dollars clouds his judgement most times. You’re a true original, a rebel at heart, and an intellectual. Just remember to use your manipulative tendencies for good, not for evil.

Pisces – Leopold “Butters” Stotch

Pisces, you’re too pure for this world. The cynics in it can take and take from you, but you’ve got enough care to give to everyone. You’re a natural apologizer, but make sure you know when it’s not your fault. A Pisces with a clear head and controlled emotions can prove to be the wisest of us all. Much like Butters, you don’t let anything break your stride, and your loyalty is unrelenting.South Park

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