Whatever Happened to Valerie Breiman?

Looking back in cinematic history it’s easy to look past a lot of people if their names don’t just stand out for one reason or another. Valerie Breiman is unfortunately one of those, but thankfully it’s easy enough to find her if you know where to look.  As to how much information there is on her, well, that’s a little harder since there’s some on social media and there’s some to be found on Google and other search engines that can be somewhat helpful. Otherwise there’s not a whole lot out there other than that she has been an actress for a while and she’s also been a director. She did make her mark on film and she has been around for a while, but saying that she’s someone that people would remember is stretching the truth to a limit that a lot of people wouldn’t buy since unless a person was a fan of her back in the day it’s likely that they’ve either forgotten about her or didn’t know about her to begin with. As always this is a byproduct of the business that has taken so many people and put them on the path to greatness only to dump them back where they were without any ceremony or explanation.

To be fair though she has managed to stick around the business for a while now and has kept her role as an actress while doing her time as a director and even gaining a producer’s credit. In other words, she did make it, but staying on top was something of a struggle since like a lot of people she probably came to find out that one can reach the top of the heap but it’s not a tenable position unless a person knows how to keep that spot. The continual struggle of many actors to stay in the game and prove to people that they still have what it takes is something that many people have to face when they get into show business, but there are many that either drop out long before they can do such a thing. For others though the idea of hanging on becomes a day to day kind of existence that either provides them with new and exciting opportunities or a heart-stopping series of moments when their career might be over in a matter of seconds if they don’t make the right move or say the right thing.

One big downside about staying away from controversy or giving out too much information however, ironically, is that people won’t come to know that much about an actor unless they happen to star in or have anything to do with movies that are bound to be seen as timeless classics or at least cult classics, which could explain Valerie’s current predicament. It might sound kind of mean and critical but she hasn’t done anything of note in quite some time and while there are a few credits to her name and one can say that she made it to the show there isn’t a lot past that other than the fact that she’s an accomplished poker player, which is fairly impressive to be certain. Some actors that reach Hollywood simply aren’t bound to stay long or aren’t going to be in the spotlight as often as they want, that’s an undisputed fact that might sound highly unfair but like many natural laws in this world it happens to occur whether people want it to or not. Her net worth isn’t really much to talk about but she’s definitely been around long enough to know how the game is played. One either gets into the business and hits it big for a while before fading out, or they peak early and fade off whether they stick around or not. She’s still around for all intents and purposes as she maintains a presence on Twitter and is able to be found if a person really knows where to go. But overall Valerie is one of the many that’s been there and done it but isn’t really remembered for much more than a few moments here and there that people might recall.

All in all those stars that make it are those that tend to have an ‘it’ factor that a lot of people either don’t have or don’t recognize and therefore cultivate. There are numerous reasons why people don’t make it in show business but the ‘it’ factor is definitely one of them that’s harder to explain that most since some people think they have it, while others don’t recognize when they have it. Whatever ‘it’ is though, such a quality comes natural to some folks while others have to work their butts off in order to attain it and sometimes never do anyway. Let it never be said that folks like Valerie don’t try though.

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