Whatever Happened to The Matrix Twins Neil and Adrian Rayment?

Matrix Twins

Remember the creepy Matrix twins that served the Merovingian? To some they were one of the better parts of the movie, but to others they were easily forgotten not long after they were off the screen. Really though they were kind of creepy since there was no CGI in effect to make them look the same since Neil and Adrian Rayment are real-life twins that were picked up for the movie and as such played it perfectly for their role. The shifting, ghost-like twins that were absolutely ruthless and didn’t give up on hounding their prey were insanely tough and could not only phase through solid objects but could take a substantial amount of punishment and shrug it off by simply regenerating on the spot. Of course that didn’t stop Morpheus from blowing them sky high when he got the chance, as they didn’t come back from that quite as quickly. In terms of their careers the twins don’t appear to be on the scene much anymore as Adrian apparently hasn’t done a movie since 2007 while Neil held on until around 2015. There really isn’t a lot on these guys when it comes to biographies and other various information, but they do get a good deal of credit for being two of the most unique baddies from The Matrix movies.

The story of the twins is pretty simple as far as information goes, they worked for the Merovingian and continued to do so no doubt after the Matrix rebooted following Neo’s sacrifice to get rid of Agent Smith. One has to wonder though just how simple, or not, it was for Smith overtake the twins largely because of their phasing ability, or if it was relatively simple since Smith was pretty much burning the Matrix from the inside out and could overwhelm just about anyone at any time after a while. In any case it’s still fairly easy to think that the twins were subdued and turned since otherwise they would have been on the run as everyone else was being taken over, and without their benefactor and boss it’s likely that they would have been adrift within the virtual world. In other words it’s a lot of conjecture for fans and the like to talk about and argue over, but unless someone was willing to draft the story and give a definitive answer it’s difficult to say just what might have happened to any of those within the Matrix when Smith started taking over.

Now that there’s another Matrix movie on the way one could start to wonder if we’ll be seeing the twins again since they were a fan favorite for many and really they were kind of cool and have untapped potential that might make the movie a little better. At this point though we still don’t really know what the movie is going to be about or what time period it’s going to be set in since Trinity and Neo are both coming back, which is hard to believe since they were both deceased by the end of the third movie. That could mean we’ll be seeing a prequel or a story that lies in-between the movies we’ve already seen, which might be sound enough but at the same time is kind of confusing for those that are going strictly by the movie and nothing else. If the twins do make an appearance however the makeup effects might have to work especially hard to make them look as close to the same as they can since both twins are about to hit their 50s come next year and as you can imagine they are starting to age. CGI can do wonders, but for the Matrix movies it started to fail in a very spectacular way since the line between animated movie and live action was being crossed like a metronome at one point and a lot of fans were turned off by it even as others were willing to let it slide since the major battles were being fought in real life and in the Matrix after all.

If the twins have a place in the next upcoming Matrix movie however it could be interesting to see just where the Merovingian will fit in since it would appear in Matrix Revolutions that he had met Neo more than once in the past, which of course the Architect confirmed since the fall of Zion had happened before and was a cycle that hadn’t ended yet. It would be intriguing to realize that the cycle still hadn’t ended but had instead reached a new phase that people didn’t realize and would continue to move forward until someone else broke the chain and created a new link. Whether or not the twins will be in the next movie is hard to say, but don’t hold your breath just yet.

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