Whatever Happened to Cassidy Freeman?

Whatever Happened to Cassidy Freeman?

Cassidy Freeman is yet another actress that has been prevalent in several shows and been a guest star on others while having a history in the movies but not exactly one that could be called worthy of elevating her to the kind of stardom that others have reached. Her time in Smallville, Longmire, and The Righteous Gemstones has made it clear that she has the talent and the ability to hang in there and be counted as a professional and someone that’s reliable enough to be seen as a worthwhile actor, but apart from that, mentioning her name in a crowded room might yield varied results depending on who has watched anything with her in it and who hasn’t. Given how many shows and movies there are to watch on streaming networks and cable it’s easy to think that many actors are kind of slipping through the cracks even as they try to find way to remain relevant and keep their name on the lips of as many people as they possibly can. So far in her career Cassidy has shown that she has the determination to do what she wants and to hold onto a part that could easily define her for a while, but when it comes to the movies she’s still someone that is bound to be forgotten more often than not save by fans that know her very well and likely follow whatever she does.

In a big way one has to wonder how hard some actors have to work in order to keep themselves relevant in relation to those that barely have to show up in public and yet are still known because of massive roles they’ve taken in the past. Cassidy has still managed to accrue a net worth that makes it clear that she’s comfortable and doesn’t want for much, but it’s still a thought that she might have to fight for her parts every now and then to remind people that she’s still around, still doing what she cares about, and is still one of the better-suited women for whatever role she happens to decide upon. Thankfully she has a long list of hobbies to keep her busy in her downtime, something that plenty of actors have at the moment since the lock down applies to everyone and at this point the actors that have been showing their faces online are proving to the world that a great number of them are getting bored and are ready to get back to work. While it might not be that easy to feel sorry for said actors since their comfort is a little more posh than a lot of us, it’s still a very understandable frustration that most would understand since getting back to work and to what we deem a regular, normal life is at this time a desire of many, no matter our station in life. Those that have what are deemed essential jobs are already out there helping the economy to continue along, while those that can are working from home. It’s a little tough to work from home with certain jobs really, especially when it comes to acting, but it has instilled one very serious and pointed truth: actors are not essential when it comes to public health.

That likely sounds a little too critical since there are plenty of actors that have been helping out during the pandemic, and it’s been appreciated by many who have received such help, but the truth is that actors are not an essential part of the working economy since they’re providing entertainment, not food, not jobs, and definitely not housing unless they’re using the money they earn to help others who are in need. It’s not an attempt to downplay an actor’s role in life, not even close, but the pinch that celebrities are feeling at the moment is a reminder that their particular skill set is typically good enough to get what they need, which in turn facilitates the need for other cast members, crew, and all those that are needed for a production. For a few of them this has likely been a rather humbling experience since it’s rare that those who are making money hand over fist for pretending to be someone else (don’t get all bunched up, that’s the truth of what they do, and some do it well) are ever told they can’t do anything. Like so many others Cassidy is currently on lock down and being asked to quarantine with the rest of the country, and is likely getting ready to go out and do what she enjoys doing once again as soon as it’s allowed. Where some actors will be with their careers when the lock down ends is kind of hard to say, but the hope is that everyone will be able to pick right back up the moment they’re able to do so.

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