What New Features Were Added in Pokemon The Crown Tundra?

What New Features Were Added in Pokemon The Crown Tundra?

Pokemon Crown Tundra

According to the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website, “In The Crown Tundra, you may get new items called Ability Patches. They’re hard to come by but worth the effort. If you use one on a Pokémon, its Ability will change to its species’ Hidden Ability, if it has one! With an Ability Patch and a helping of Max Soup from the Isle of Armor, you can bring out the Hidden Ability of the first partner Pokémon you chose at the beginning of Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield and give it the capability to Gigantamax as well.” However, this is only one of many new features that has been added to Pokemon Sword and Shield with The Crown Tundra expansion, but what else has been added to the game?

Dynamax Adventures

In The Crown Tundra, there are these brand new “Dynamax Adventures.” Directly from Pokemon themselves, “In Dynamax Adventures, you’ll team up with three other Trainers to explore a Pokémon Den where Dynamax Pokémon are said to lurk! Instead of your regular Pokémon team, you and your fellow Trainers will choose rental Pokémon to bring along into the depths of the den. If you encounter a wild Dynamax Pokémon during your exploration, you’ll need to work together with your three teammates in a Max Raid Battle! If you win the battle, you’ll have the chance to catch the Pokémon, and one Trainer on the team can swap the newly caught Pokémon in for the Pokémon they had before. But if you lose a battle, you’ll be ejected from the den! Try swapping out your Pokémon as you explore so you’ll be prepared to face whatever comes next as you seek the Legendary Pokémon said to lurk in the depths. And if you want to delve even deeper into the den, Endless Dynamax Adventures may be the thing for you! Endless Dynamax Adventures let you keep on going until you lose a battle.”

These Dynamax Adventures seem like a pretty unique addition to the Pokemon series, I just hope that one day we might even get a full-fledged raid in Pokemon.

Legendary Legendaries

It looks like you’re finally able to catch some of the most legendary Pokemon in previous games with either the Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield Expansion Passes: “With The Crown Tundra, you’ll be able to encounter every Legendary Pokémon that’s appeared in the main series of Pokémon games! Find Legendary Pokémon during your travels in The Crown Tundra or while you’re on Dynamax Adventures, and you’ll have a chance to catch them! Some Legendary Pokémon appear only in Pokémon Sword with the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass, while others appear only in Pokémon Shield with the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass.”

Galarian Star Tournament

Of course Leon has more planned as he has conceived the Galarian Star Tournament. “Once you accept Leon’s invitation, you’ll be able to pick a partner from among the many Trainers you’ve met throughout your adventures in Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield—as well as the Expansion Pass—and team up for a Multi Battle tournament! Depending on who your partner and your opponents are, you may glimpse new sides of some familiar faces!” Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to progress far enough into The Crown Tundra before you’re able to take on the Galarian Star Tournament.

More Features

Here is even more upcoming content that is planned to be (or already has been) added with the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Passes in The Crown Tundra:

  • New areas
  • Calyrex
  • New regional forms
  • Pokemon that didn’t appear in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield
  • New Pokedexes
  • New clothing items
  • New Pokemon added to Max Raid battles
  • New items
  • New New co-op play mode

I’m still working through the base game of Pokemon Sword, but I am determined to finally finish the game and move on to the expansions in order to prepare for the upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, as well as the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Hopefully I’ll get around to beating the game soon enough as it’s been a long time coming. What do you think about the new features and new (or old) Pokemon that have made their way to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield in The Crown Tundra expansion? Personally, I’m really happy to see all of the classic Legendary Pokemon make their way into the game, since those have always been my favorite. I’m excited for the future of the Sword and Shield games and hope that whatever Nintendo has in store is even better than before!

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