What Movies Get Wrong about Weddings

What Movies Get Wrong about Weddings

Anytime one sees a wedding in a movie they can usually assume that things are going to be taken to an extreme that’s either incredibly funny or just downright ridiculous and even depressing. But the thing about weddings is that one tends to hope that they’ll go off without a hitch, but there’s usually bound to be something that will happen that will throw a wrench in the works. In the movies, this is usually exaggerated to such a degree that one can’t help but think that getting married is a bigger hassle than it needs to be. In some cases it is, but this is usually because people get married without thinking, period. A wedding isn’t something a person needs to even contemplate unless they’re certain that the person they’re with is the one that they really want to be with, since not only are weddings incredibly expensive, even when all the frills are dialed down, but they’re binding as well and harder than people might think they are to get out of considering how much planning needs to go into them. But one thing about the movies is that when they get weddings wrong, they go all in and make sure to muck it up as much as possible. That’s dedication at least.

Here are just a few things that movies get wrong about weddings.

5. You can just walk into a wedding. Not really, if it’s small enough people will know you’re a fake, and bigger weddings often have guest lists.

Weddings are usually very private affairs, and those that are larger will generally have guest lists since they might be catered and need to be as exact as possible when it comes to the price of each dish and place setting. Smaller weddings are harder to sneak into largely because most people know each other well enough to understand that distant relatives would need an invite. Plus, if you really have the stones to crash a wedding and interact with the bride and groom then it’s almost assured that you’ll get caught when someone realizes that no one in the gathering knows who you are.

4. Wedding planners take over everything. No, they’re there to make YOU happy, not stroke their ego.

So many movies with wedding planners tend to have an individual that’s overbearing and extremely bossy planning the wedding, and this usually isn’t the case. There are wedding planners that will attempt to hijack a wedding because ‘they know best’ and will be as bossy as can be. But the best wedding planners will work WITH you, not against you, and will refrain from doing anything that they feel is not in your best interest. There are plenty of planners that grow exhausted listening to their clients, but the absolute best are there to help you out, not prove that their way of doing this is superior.

3. DJs will play what they want at the reception. Again, no, but they might go over what the bride and groom want to hear to make sure they get it right.

Your wedding isn’t the club scene obviously, which means that a DJ is probably going to want to consult someone, either over the phone or in person, to make certain of the playlists they’ll need to have available or create for your wedding. A good DJ will be reasonably priced, but some can be kind of expensive since they have to make a living too. But the best among them will be completely open to what type of music a person wants at their wedding or will be able to make recommendations if the bride and groom aren’t entirely certain of what they want.

2. Vendors can cancel at any time. Technically they can, but they won’t since that’s money they’re losing out on.

Yes, they can cancel, but their wallet is going to be just a little lighter for it, and their reputation is going to suffer. Vendors that cater for weddings have to put up with a lot, there’s no doubt about this, but much like anyone that has to deal with difficult customers, they have ways of getting around those that are trying to make life miserable. A vendor that does cancel at the last minute had best have a very good reason for doing so, and being mildly irritated isn’t quite good enough. But if a vendor has to deal with a demanding bridezilla it’s very possible that they might take the loss and simply walk away if it’s too much trouble for not enough gain. Otherwise, they’re bound to be in it until their services are no longer needed.

1. The bachelor and bachelorette parties are always the night before. Seriously, do you want to be hungover for your wedding?

There is a reason why bachelor and bachelorette parties are held a weekend or two before the wedding since the bacchanalian nights or even weekends that are held during this time are often raucous and so inundated with booze and frivolity that the day after, and possibly the day after that, are needed to recover. One thing you don’t want to do is show up to your own wedding hungover, sick as a dog, and unable to stand for more than a few minutes without passing out or being sick.

There are just some wedding memories that don’t need to be made.

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