We Miss Russell Brand and We Want Him Back

We Miss Russell Brand and We Want Him Back

We Miss Russell Brand and We Want Him Back

Some folks actually miss Russel Brand and seem to want him back, but that seems like it might not happen considering that not only does he seem to be willing to give up the opportunity for continued fame and fortune, but as Rae Alexandra from Pop has put it, he’s far more interested in personal growth than the riches he could earn by being a star. There are arguments for why he should come back and there are arguments against it as well, but right now it would seem that Russell is pretty happy where he’s at and doesn’t have a lot of ambition to leave his place in the countryside to make a roaring comeback.

The one role that made him such a star came in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and while some folks haven’t forgotten about the movie they seem to be forgetting about Russell Brand more and more despite the fact that it hasn’t been all that long, relatively speaking, that we’ve seen or heard about him working. After all he did take part in the animated hits Trolls and Despicable Me 3. But as Brian Boone of Looper points out it is kind of easy to see how he was starting to go off the rails in terms of his career at some point. Be it his ill-advised words at the VMA’s in 2008 or his wild and erratic manner that tended to make him kind of an outcast at times, Brand didn’t seem like an easy guy to get along with all the time. There are many people in Hollywood that tend to be wild and crazy a good deal of the time but Brand seemed to take things to a level that many people didn’t want to experience now and again and many felt rather defensive about since there wasn’t much of a filter on whatever he said.

Then of course there’s one of the most obvious reasons why some people will state that he’s no longer as relevant as he used to be; he’s no longer married to Katy Perry. Jen Yamato of the Cheat Sheet goes into greater detail over the hows and whys of their split but quite honestly it does seem as though Russell wasn’t able to keep up with Perry’s constantly expanding fame and could have possibly felt as though he was being upstaged. After all he was considered to be one of the new up and coming stars of Hollywood for a while and his style, despite being kind of out there and all over the place at times, still afforded him a good deal of press. But Perry has been one of the rising stars that manages to get popular quickly and in exponential fashion, and it didn’t take long for her fame to outstrip Russell’s. Whether this is the real case behind their split or not their marriage didn’t last long since it was just over a year after they said their vows that they had split and gone their own ways.

There are plenty of rumors and gossip surrounding this tale since it’s been said by a few people that Russell broke up with her over a text, which is kind of hard to do when you’re married, though easy enough when you want to make it known that you want a divorce. This became an emotional time for Perry and a moment in Russell’s life when he started to become even more erratic and tried to make something of a career that had already come to a near halt before he’d decided to initiate the split. Despite all that though he still had plenty of fans and people were wanting to see more of him, in slightly less chaotic fashion in some cases though. Some folks took to asking why he wasn’t the same as he’d been when he started out, but quite honestly Russell has never really changed apart from becoming slightly more unhinged as the years have gone on. If anything he’s become less of a desired actor and more like a walking cautionary tale. He did have his great moments but they came so erratically that it was all anyone could do to predict just when and where he’d show up and be great again.

There were several attempts to make him great and a lot of hype that kind of went nowhere, but Russell just kind of gave up on the whole fame thing after a while when he realized he was trying to be something he really didn’t like. At this point it’s not really certain whether he’ll ever come back on a full-time basis again, but it might be a mistake to hold your breath until that moment. Right now it would seem that he likes being where he’s at, somewhere between pleasant memory and obscurity.

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