Watch How Awful this 1967 Wonder Woman Screen Test Pilot Is

Watch How Awful this 1967 Wonder Woman Screen Test Pilot Is

The movie Wonder Woman will undoubtedly be the most talked about movie starting today through whenever it potentially smashes any kind of box office records.   So as we continue to see positive reviews, great feedback, and praise for what’s being called the “best superhero movie” of the year, let’s take a look back at just how far Wonder Woman has come on screen.

While Lynda Carter made Wonder Woman a smashing success on television, little did people know that before Carter’s Wonder Woman, another Wonder Woman existed back in 1967, only this Wonder Woman never made it to television, thank God.

Wonder Woman: Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? was produced in 1967 by William Dozier, who also worked on the classic Adam West Batman series. Words can’t really describe just how awful this test pilot is, but you have to watch it.  I’m quite certain that if Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot got together to watch this they’d be laughing.

Check it out below:

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