Here are Some Video Game Recreations Of Dash-Cam Car Accidents

Here are Some Video Game Recreations Of Dash-Cam Car Accidents

Is it real or is it video game recreations of dash-cam car accidents? It’s actually hard to tell in some of this recreations. There are ten in all. Youtuber DragCarTV believes everyone needs a hobby and this video of caught-on-dash-cam car accidents is a recreation of vehicle simulation using a video game called

The recreations are not exact, but they come very close. After all, video game physics just aren’t the same as real life physics. Some of the recreations have different scenery and backgrounds, some use different makes and models of vehicles, and in some, the recreations have a bit more dramatic effect about them.

However, the videos are labeled so that you know which are the real life accidents and which are the video game recreations. This comes in handy because some of them, it’s hard to determine which is which. DragCarTV claims the BeamNG video game and real life comparisons are from his current dash cam compilations.

Check out the following car accident scenarios and see if you can tell which one is real and which one is a simulation:

  • a car getting side-swipped
  • running a stop sign/pulling out in front of another vehicle which doesn’t have time to stop
  • traveling across several lanes of traffic and apparently not checking their blind spot
  • an almost head-on collision with a semi truck
  • two cars T-boning at an intersection
  • a car backing up into another
  • a car trying to pass a semi driving into to oncoming traffic
  • car losing control on snowy roads, driving into oncoming traffic
  • a car attempting to pass on a solid line, the other lane has a car stopped
  • car cuts in front of cement mixer truck, causing both trying to avoid an accident by swerving in the opposite direction

These simulations are very good and most you can’t tell which is which. There are some very small hints in some of the simulations which gives away which is the real life version and which isn’t. Will you be able to tell?

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