10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tyce Diorio

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tyce Diorio

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tyce Diorio

If you are a fan of dance, you’re a fan of Tyce Diorio. He’s a man who has gone out of his way to make things right in the world of the dance situation, and he’s done a phenomenal job of it. He’s a man who likes to make the world a better place by movement alone, and he’s one who also likes to do what he can to change the way we all see it as we go about our lives. He’s from “So you Think You Can Dance,” and he is a man who has danced with some of the biggest names in the music industry. His talent is paramount, and we think it’s time you get to know a bit more about him, and we think you’ll be glad you did.

1. He’s Danced with Famous People

Imagine being a young man who is only, well, we don’t know. He doesn’t give his birth year anywhere, but we do know his birth date is August 22, you guess the year. We don’t know how old he is, but he’s done a lot in his career. He’s worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, NSync, Celine Dion, and so many more. That’s a long list of amazing people to have worked with in his career, and we are more than a bit impressed.

2. He Was On the Original Game Show

Remember when you were growing up, and you watched a show called “Star Search,” where people went on television to have their talents discovered? We all did it. We all watched this, and we all loved it, and we all wanted to see more of it any chance we had. But, did you know that he was a finalist on the show at one point in his early life? It was amazing, and we are sure a highlight of his childhood.

3. He Was Part of a Famous Film

When he was a bit younger, he had a chance to work on a famous movie. He was credited as part of the cast of “Showgirls,” starring Demi Moore, which is a movie your parents probably didn’t let you watch. However, we all know you did watch it, and you loved it, and it was great. He was part of that, and you didn’t even know it, did you?

4. He’s A Commercial Star

It’s so cool how many things he’s done in his life, including being part of some big commercials for brands like McDonalds and Sylvania. What an accomplishment, and what a wonderful thing to do in your life. We love it, and we are happy that he was able to do that with his talent.

5. He’s the Man Behind Shake it Off

Anyone who is a Taylor Swift fan — or simply lives with a teenage daughter or has a wife or a sister or a mother — is familiar with “Shake it Off,” which is one of her bigger hits. It’s a fun song used in a famous Disney movie, “Sing,” and it’s one that you know like the back of your hand. It’s also the song he came up with all the moves for so she could film the video, and we love it. He’s so talented.

6. He’s got An Emmy

The year was 2009. The show was the Emmys. He was there. He was invited because he was nominated, and he was also there because he was a winner. He took home the Emmy because his choreography was so good that they could not deny him another moment of fame and fortune, and that is all there is to it. He’s a talented choreographer, and he was recognized for that in one of the most beautiful ways imaginable.

7. He Has a Huge Instagram Following

He’s got so many followers on Instagram, and we are not surprised. People love his work, and they love what he has to share. He has more than 45,000 followers, and it’s actually a lot closer to the 46,000 mark. We get it, too. He’s good at what he does, he posts beautiful work and images, and he’s real with his followers.

8. He Loves to Spread Positivity

When you take a few moments to take a look at his Instagram profile, you will see that he has some serious good vibes to share. They aren’t always positive in that you should smile and have a beautiful day and all that, but that you should take a moment to appreciate yourself, see your worth, and then figure out what works for you and what does not work for you. He’s a man who is self-confident in who he is, and he seems to want to get his followers and fans to feel the same way about him.

9. He’s Got a New Gig

You’ve seen the commercials and the promos for “Flirty Dancing,” and now you know he’s the new choreographer. The show is all about those who will find the time to make their moves, be there for one another, and make the world change a bit as they all get to learn new dance moves while hopefully also making big changes in the lives of those around them. They will make some definite love connections, but not in the same way that everyone else does in every other manner of speaking.

10. He’s Excited for New Challenges

One thing that his new job is going to provide for him is a chance to do something that’s not been done before. He’s not just creating beautiful choreography. He’s creating movement and happiness in a group of people who will make a big change in the lives of so many. He will have a chance to change lives and be who he needs to be, and that will change the game for him. He is helping other people find love through movement, and that’s a challenge in and of itself.

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