Our Top Five Pete Davidson Moments on SNL

Pete Davidson is the kind of guy that some folk might be torn about since it’s said that he can’t perform without smoking marijuana before taking the stage. It might be that during his SNL skits that many people don’t even know he’s high, but he’s admitted that doing his act would be possible but not as engaging for him if he wasn’t able to partake before getting in front of the camera. He has a naturally funny disposition which is uplifting for someone that had a lot of issues as a kid. Those issues unfortunately stemmed from the fact that his father was killed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Pete has managed to make a good living at comedy however and is very well-received by his fans since his level of sarcasm and deadpan delivery plays very well to the current generation that watches his material.

Comedy evolves for every generation in one way or another.

5. On Donald Trump

After the election in which people were finally subjected to a country run by a business mogul a lot of people had something to say about it. Eventually though the conversation turns to something else other than Trump. Of course it would only be a matter of time until it would circle around and bring another layer of something affectionately known as hatorade. It might be well deserved but it does wear a little thin unless it’s comedy.

4. On Turning 21

So many people think that turning 21 is so great that when they get there it’s kind of a letdown at first since you figure being 21 means you’re going to party, have a good time, and just be your own person. Then you figure out you’re an adult and you have to work for things and it’s kind of a bummer. Being 21 is basically the beginning of the end of everything you loved as a kid, at least if you don’t figure out how to enjoy the same things from a different perspective.

3. On Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick was a pretty big issue at one point since his stance on his protests was a big thing and it was believed that he wasn’t getting hired because of it. The truth of it is that Kaepernick did in fact stand up for his principles but at the same time it looked to much like he was attempting to get attention for a career that was going down the tubes in a big hurry. In other words his timing was just horrible.

2. On Filming a Commercial

Commercials seem to getting out of control at times and the number of them only seems to be growing, particularly around special moments such as the Superbowl. The content is getting out of control as well and the timing for some commercials seems to be suspect. Of course when you go to the content that’s on TV right now commercials almost seem kind of tame. That seems a bit messed up really.

1. On Mental Health

Pete Davidson is not a well man it would seem sometimes, but at the very least he’s a man that’s not well that knows how to make it funny and light. Depression being one of the biggest mental problems in this country it would make sense that it would be talked about and possibly covered as a comedic subject.

He seems almost borderline crazy but he’s undeniably funny.

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