The Top Five Gene Wilder Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Gene Wilder Yelling Scenes in Movies

And here we are again at the Yelling Game, this time featuring the late, great Gene Wilder. If you were born in 20th century you no doubt remember this guy, he was one of the funniest and greatest actors alive in a time when slapstick was still considered to be one of the best types of comedy around and films were still considered to be original. Wilder could go postal on a person in a heartbeat and you’d never see it coming because the guy was mostly quiet and never seemed capable of raising his voice past the moderate level that people enjoyed so much. But oh boy when he got going into his crazy stints he’d become one of the creepiest guys alive and still manage to be one of the funniest.

Sometimes though it just got creepy.

5. Stir Crazy

Prison isn’t the ideal place for guys that can’t fight and aren’t equipped to deal with small, cramped spaces. Going crazy though seems like a good option until it doesn’t work and the consequences become just a little too much. When all else fails an escape plan is hatched during Rodeo night in which several inmates make their way out of the prison through the vents.

4. Young Frankenstein

Bringing to life a monster that you made yourself from dead body parts and an abnormal brain might seem like an interesting idea in theory but really and truly all you need to do is step back and wait for the screaming to begin. The only thing you can really hope for is that you won’t be the one doing the actual screaming. After all, the monster should be grateful, right? Right?

3. See No Evil Hear No Evil

So one of them can see everything and one of them can hear everything but neither of them can do both. Man this would get confusing in a hurry. Just a simple back and forth conversation seems like it would be an effort in futility the moment one of them moved away from the other. And yet these guys are at one point being questioned about a crime that they know little to nothing about.

2. Silver Streak

Just the name of the film seems to indicate that there’s going to be some yelling going on and it will be liberally-laced with profanity as you might expect. Of course the name of the train is Silver Streak but I kind of like my explanation a little better. After all if I was thrown unceremoniously from a train while it was moving after spending the last day or so having a great time I might be a little upset too.

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

It’s been so long since I watched this movie all the way through that I’d forgotten just how dark it really got in some places. In some respects it almost makes the remake look chipper and innocent and not downright disturbing. This is the kind of stuff we watched as kids, keep that in mind.

For as creepy as he could get Gene Wilder was a legend.

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