The Top Five New Crop of Up and Coming Australian Actors

The Top Five New Crop of Up and Coming Australian Actors

The Top Five New Crop of Up and Coming Australian Actors

It’s inspiring to watch young actors coming up from any region of the world, but the Aussie invasion of Hollywood has been in full swing since Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie began to take over.  Granted we had Hugh Jackman, Mel Gibson, Eric Bana and others before but it seems that today Australians are coming in droves.   These actors are coming up in a big way and showing that they have what it takes to be the kind of stars that Hollywood is so desperately needing as the older generation begins to head towards their twilight years. With all respect to the aging and still legendary actors that continue to practice their craft, the next generation is on its way.

Here are five Australian actors that are rising swiftly through the celebrity ranks.

5. Kodi Smit-McPhee

So X-Men Apocalypse wasn’t quite the blockbuster that everyone thought it would be, but McPhee was still able to portray everyone’s favorite blue-skinned mutant teleporter in a very strong fashion. Nightcrawler has only appeared in a few X-Men films, and there’s been faint rumors that it might be time for him to finally break out and become his own superhero as has happened in the comics. While those rumors are still unfounded McPhee has no doubt given life to the character in the most spectacular way.

4. Ariel Kaplan

Ariel has no real film credits to her name yet, but is reportedly on her way to Hollywood after landing a role on an Australian sitcom titled Neighbours. She’s a serious dramatic talent that has loads to offer and is expected to be a smash hit when she arrives. Look for her to land a role or two in something significant eventually.

3. Keiynan Lonsdale

The Top Five New Crop of Up and Coming Australian Actors

He’s been featured in the Divergent series and now as Kid Flash on the hit series, you guessed it, The Flash. Thus far he’s proven that he can run with the big stars and prove his worth, and he’s just getting started. As of now he’s still working on the third season of The Flash and will be getting his own speed suit as you could already guess from the picture. Look for his name to just keep getting bigger as he lands more and more important roles and becomes the megastar that people are expecting.

2. Yasmin Kassim

The Top Five New Crop of Up and Coming Australian Actors

Kassim also starred in the Australian sitcom Neighbours and has since made her way to Hollywood. She’s already rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest stars around and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact she just got finished filming with Daniel Radcliffe on a film titled Jungle, a gripping thrill ride that will possibly elevate her to greater heights as she continues onward.

1. Ryan Corr

The Top Five New Crop of Up and Coming Australian Actors

This young man’s resume to date is very impressive. He’s had three standout roles that have elevated him to the top spot of this list and made him the actor to watch as he keeps moving forward. Most recently he had a starring role with Russel Crow in The Water Diviner, and he even had a role along with Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge. It’s safe to say his star is on the rise and won’t be fizzling out any time soon, so keep an eye on this young man, he’s bound to become a very well known commodity in the future.

There will always be new faces and new talent coming to Hollywood. The best we can hope for is that each one of them shines with a brilliance that is worthy of the big screen.


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