Top 5 Original Cartoon Network Shows We Still Love

Top 5 Original Cartoon Network Shows We Still Love

5 Dexter’s Laboratory

Oh, Dexter, you self-proclaimed boy genius with a secret lab that your sister just can’t seem to stay out of. Dexter’s Laboratory was the kind of show that made us all wish we had a few beakers and Bunsen burners to mess around with. And let’s not forget the sibling spats that were more intense than a chemical reaction gone wrong. It was quirky, it was fun, and it was relatable on so many levels. With four seasons of scientific mishaps and a sister who could give any lab security system a run for its money, Dexter’s little slice of Cartoon Network real estate earns the fifth spot on our list.

Top 5 Original Cartoon Network Shows We Still Love

4 The Powerpuff Girls

Here come the girls! The Powerpuff Girls, those pint-sized heroes who saved the world before bedtime. They were doing the whole ‘girl power’ thing long before it was plastered on every t-shirt and coffee mug. With an original run from 1998-2005 and even their own movie, these girls weren’t just part of our childhood—they were icons of it. Now, there’s talk of them as disillusioned twentysomethings—how’s that for character development? But let’s not dwell on their midlife crises; these girls fly into fourth place for their ability to dish out justice with a side of sass.

Top 5 Original Cartoon Network Shows We Still Love

3 Ed, Edd n Eddy

The cul-de-sac kings, the jawbreaker junkies, the trio that turned scams into an art form—Ed, Edd n Eddy. These guys brought slapstick back to the playground and made us all believe in the power of friendship (and the eternal quest for candy). With schemes wilder than Eddy’s hair and hearts as big as Ed’s head, these three amigos cemented themselves into third place for their sheer commitment to the hustle. Plus, who doesn’t love a good scam?

Top 5 Original Cartoon Network Shows We Still Love

2 Courage the Cowardly Dog

Who knew a show about a dog named Courage could give us such…well, courage? This little pink pooch took on monsters and mayhem with nothing but sheer willpower (and a lot of screaming). It was weird, it was wacky, and it was sometimes downright terrifying. But at its heart? It was about love. Love between an anxious dog and his equally anxious owners. And because of its unique blend of horror and humor, Courage snags the silver medal in our countdown.

1 Adventure Time

And here we are—the golden crown goes to Adventure Time. Finn and Jake aren’t just characters; they’re legends in their own right. This show didn’t just entertain; it evolved with its audience. It made us laugh, cry, and everything in between. From battling evil ice kings to exploring dungeons—or just dealing with growing up—it never shied away from the big stuff. For its sheer brilliance in storytelling and emotional depth that resonated with fans young and old, Adventure Time isn’t just number one on our list—it’s number one in our hearts.

Top 5 Original Cartoon Network Shows We Still Love

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