This is How Many Billions Pokemon GO Has Made

This is How Many Billions Pokemon GO Has Made

Asking how Pokemon Go made billions of dollars is kind of a loaded question since there are quite a few answers that would be able to fit the question and not a lot of them would make as much sense as people might want to hear. The point is that the Pokemon franchise has been one of the absolute biggest since it opened up and it’s only been growing over the years. It could be that it continues to draw in new generations as it lasts one year after another and somehow keeps coming up with new ideas, or it could be that the marketing gimmicks are working in a way that’s not entirely understood but are still effective. However it’s happening, it’s working since Pokemon Go has earned $5 billion dollars in the last several years, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down or stopping. If one isn’t impressed by the word ‘billions’ then apathy has truly set in, because that’s a huge number that is only going to keep getting bigger as the years go by and people keep downloading the app.

One of the biggest gripes that came with the app when it started getting really popular is that since people can download it to their phones or other mobile devices they would go in search of Pokemon without really looking up to see where they were going. This meant that people could be seen here and there with their eyes glued to their phones, and nothing else. If anyone can recall, and it should be easy, there were packs of people looking for Pokemon or individuals that nearly ran into traffic trying to catch the Pokemon that had popped up on their screen. Those that might think I’m exaggerating either don’t remember this or they weren’t paying attention at the time, since the fact is that there were people out there that were risking life and limb for this game. and yet somehow, it continued to be the hottest thing around and still is in a few ways.

There’s some quality that Pokemon has that people tend to lock on for one reason or another and it’s been seen to spread like wildfire whenever a new game, movie, or anything comes out, but Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular aspects of the franchise to date that trying to figure out how it’s become so widespread is a bit difficult. People simply like Pokemon, that’s a proven fact no matter how broad it is since the franchise has been around for decades now. There’s no real need to understand it since trying to do so is only bound to cause a massive headache given that a lot of people will say “I just do” when asked why they enjoy Pokemon so much. A lot of fans will probably go into detail about what they like and why Pokemon Go is fun for them, and to be fair, it gets people outside and keeps them active even if it’s not always the safest thing to do if a person isn’t paying attention.

How much longer Pokemon Go might last is hard to say since it does get people moving and it does keep them occupied, two things that are important at this point. But it’s likely that seeing this franchise dethroned is bound to be seen as a huge news event since it will mean that something else has come along that has the potential to be a billion-dollar franchise and last for years and years while gaining the attention of more than one generation as it goes along. There are plenty of franchises that have done this, but few that have been as noticeable as Pokemon, as it’s been growing and growing over the years in such a way that it’s been amazing to watch. Trying to predict how long it will be around though is still kind of tough since each new generation tends to pick up on the idea as they get old enough to understand it and are continually wanting to see more of the various characters and see new stories emerge that can keep their attention. As for Pokemon Go, a game that keeps a person on the move is bound to stay popular for a while.

Trying to keep track of how much money this franchise has earned over the years is nearly impossible since the fact is that people continue to pump money into it left and right since the entertainment value is still insanely high. Other, similar apps have attempted to copy the model that Pokemon Go has been working with, but haven’t seen anything close to the success that Pokemon has, and it’s likely that this trend will continue until something even more popular comes along if that’s even possible.

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